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Twinning with Kendall Jenner


Just got home from the Mall. Yeeeeeees, a fun day indeed! Went shopping with ze Family at Forever 21 and stayed again at my Grandma’s house after. I’m telling you, if you want to experience the True meaning of F-U-N, why don’t you try joining our clan? Hahah! Kidding! We have different types of how we bond with our respective Family and I know you’re as happy as me when you’re with yours, right?


Anyway, I got really tired from all the walking and talking all day. Lol. My family and I can’t decide where to go this Vacay. Many of us wants to go to Boracay and Hong Kong but it’s peak season now and we’re already late for all the reservations. Oh well, we should really plan a head of time, next time! Aye!

Onto my outfit now..


Now that it’s summer, I am really in the mood to dress up like… It’s summer! Hahaha! Laugh, laugh so hard, please? 😦 haha! Though it looked like a mini dress, it isn’t. What I’m wearing earlier was an Aztec skirt and my Mustard cutout top just like Kendall Jenner’s top. Look at these photos below:


See what I’m talkin ’bout? Twinning with Kendall Jenner, hence the title. I never knew Kendall had this top til my little sister sent me the photo above on i-message. I was so overwhelmed but the only sad part was I have this top in 3 colors Mustard, Blue and Black. but Not in WHITE. Still, I’m happy and so kilig! 🙂

Closer look of everything!


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