A penny for my thoughts

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Its been 2 weeks since I got unemployed. Oh wait! That sounded a bit off. Okay. Its been 2 weeks since I’ve graduated. To be honest I missed being in school ~ The feeling of being in school but not all those cramming and studying for finals.

Yesterday, I had the reason to go to Benilde. It felt like frosh days since my errands were in SDA building. Nostalgia hits me as I was wearing this ensemble because when I was a frosh, ootd was a big deal; I was still in School of Design and Arts that time. Then I shifted to being a Tourism Student… Time flies and now I am a graduate! Moreover, I felt a bit older when I got my alumni card and saw my favorite guards in the building whom I’ve missed talking to and being with while I wait for my sundo. 

The perks of being a graduate are endless; you now have the time of your life and you can do whatever what you want. But that doesn’t stop there. Now that I am a graduate, I’m about to face the real world. No more slacking off. I have to move and look for my dream job, for me to be successful and have the money to shop til I drop. Yas. Goals.
But seriously speaking, you guys should appreciate everything while you are still in school. It may be a tough one and full of hassle at least you’re doing something worthy. You just wake up thinking about going to school, listening to your professors, and do all the projects. But when its time for you to work, it would be a LOT different, there would be someone who’d be dictating you what to do with this and that. And it’s a lot more tiring because it is not just 8-hrs of work sometimes, even you’re not at work, you would still be working from home. I just know.
Appreciate everything before it’s too late.

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