Time, slow down!

It’s 1st of November and time just doesnt seem to slow down, you know?

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Rosey Pink
It feels like just the start of 2015 and yet were down to almost two months of welcoming 2016. I mean, am I the only one who’s feeling that this year has gone too fast? I kept having conversations with my friends like “Im getting old” “Where’d time go?” “It’s BER months already?”  ~ Truly, it is not only the news that has wings of its own, also time ~ I remember when I was a kid thinking of nothing but playing dollhouse with my playmates or sometimes you would see me outside playing the classic filipino games like piko, patintero, tumbang preso and the like.
Rosey Pink
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Rosey Pink
So how would we take a break and be back to those days that we aren’t feeling any pressure about the time ticking? How can we slow down?
Make the most out of your time– I’m not saying that you should ALWAYS be strict and follow everything on your schedule. But as much as possible finish everything on time so you could have your
….”Alone time”-After all the toxic things you did in school/office, you have to detached yourself from thinking not even one bit of your works. You could always set aside those and breathe even just for 10mins and be back at it afterwards.
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Disconnect and connect– By all means, we are now living in a world full of technologies~ Disconnect from all of it for a day or two and try to connect with the things you used to do before like shopping, reading a book or even playing computer games. Use your those free time to ponder your feelings, explore your heart, ask yourself questions about life, set your goals and meditate. It will give you a clearer sense of self and slow your pace.
Rosey Pink
Rosey Pink
So how are you trying to cope up with time?

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