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PaperBag Shorts



This day was sooooooooooo freakin’ hot. I went out with my cousin to do some errands but guess what? This isn’t what I wore. I wore my pants and a simple top instead. Who would want to wear these out if you’ll just commute? NOT ME! Hehe. I don’t want some bad guys wolf-whistling at me.


I just changed into these ensemble for me to feel comfy because I know we’ll visit my Grandma. Saturday is family day for us!

Forever21 Tank Top


I love how my Gray tank top goes well with my Teal paper bag shorts, hence the title. But what I really loved about this look was the yellow accent belt. I can’t imagine my whole outfit without the belt. It would be as simple as house clothes if I did not put it tho. But thank God I found one in my room.


Mind you, I tried putting up my Leopard Belt from Mango and My Ribbon teal belt but I failed. Only this yellow one suits the whole outfit!! Don’t you think?

Thrifted Shorts

Can I just say that my shorts are thrifted? Yes! I got this from a thrift shop when I went to my friend’s house last year. It’s doesn’t fit me too well that why instead of calling it a highwaisted shorts, I called it le Paper bag shorts! Why? Well it’s so hard to explain. To top it all, I LOVE MY PAPER BAG SHORTS plus IT’S MY FAVORITE COLOR. Haha.

PS: Do you love how I changed the setting of my photos? Well, comments are are appreciated. I’m trying to figure out which ones are better for my blog.




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I just opened a New section on my blog which is the MUST HAVE section. I just thought of it just now because I am bored and I can’t sleep yet. I tried some apps on my iPad and tried editing and putting up these pieces together. Well, I never thought that being bored at this time would have it’s perks and advantages.

So I won’t go over the bush anymore, I present to you my Must Have section!


I know that I showed just few pieces but I started with these because I already have it in my closet that I haven’t wore yet! And…. Yes! All of these! Oh wait! Except the flats and the sandals. Hehe.

1. Swim suit Bandeau Top & Yellow Skater skirt (Upper Left; Lower Left Corner respectively) – As I’ve told you, I already have these with me. I just bought a New swim suit online and I cannot wait to wear it til our First summer getaway. You’ll noticed that I paired it with a Skater skirt. which is by the way A MUST HAVE! Nothing. I just want to be unique and Be The First To Wear it here on my blog. So if you see someone wear this kind of ensemble just like what’s on my cork board, Report it to me… A-S-A-P. Haha. Lol.

2. A cute sandals (Lower Left corner) – Pair the over all beach look with your cutie patootie sandals and you’re ready to flaunt it on the beach! Or if you aren’t comfortable with sandals, try using your cute pair of slippers!

3. Polka Dotted Bralette & Watermelon Highwaisted shorts (Upper Right; Lower Right corner respectively) – Well, I don’t have yet the polka dotted bralette but I have with me my polka dotted cropped top which I want to pair with my watermelon shorts. I can imagine how it would turned out well because of the statement shorts. A MUST HAVE!

Can I just tell you how lucky I am to find the right fit and length of this shorts?!?! Yes. I have this shorts with me as well. I haven’t wore it since I bought it. Saving it for my Fambam’s summer getaway too!

4. Sparkly Flat shoes (Lower Right corner) – Pair your statement outfit with… of course a statement pair of shoes as well! In here, I want the attention to be on the shorts and the shoes. But if you want the attention only in the shorts, just use your simple black or pink flats! I know it’ll still look good.

So there you have it! I guess I’ll be updating this section every night…. when I am bored or I can’t sleep. Lol. But yeah, I hope you got unique ideas from this section of my blog!

Goodnight! x


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