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A penny for my thoughts

CheckeredCheckeredOLD NAVY pants

cBsTH_O8GKSf7Ee_2B90gS4SFOREVER21 Top and Necklace


@classiqueapparel sunnies

Aldo Shoes

ALDO shoes

Checkered ixxWZt1L

Its been 2 weeks since I got unemployed. Oh wait! That sounded a bit off. Okay. Its been 2 weeks since I’ve graduated. To be honest I missed being in school ~ The feeling of being in school but not all those cramming and studying for finals.

Yesterday, I had the reason to go to Benilde. It felt like frosh days since my errands were in SDA building. Nostalgia hits me as I was wearing this ensemble because when I was a frosh, ootd was a big deal; I was still in School of Design and Arts that time. Then I shifted to being a Tourism Student… Time flies and now I am a graduate! Moreover, I felt a bit older when I got my alumni card and saw my favorite guards in the building whom I’ve missed talking to and being with while I wait for my sundo. 

The perks of being a graduate are endless; you now have the time of your life and you can do whatever what you want. But that doesn’t stop there. Now that I am a graduate, I’m about to face the real world. No more slacking off. I have to move and look for my dream job, for me to be successful and have the money to shop til I drop. Yas. Goals.
But seriously speaking, you guys should appreciate everything while you are still in school. It may be a tough one and full of hassle at least you’re doing something worthy. You just wake up thinking about going to school, listening to your professors, and do all the projects. But when its time for you to work, it would be a LOT different, there would be someone who’d be dictating you what to do with this and that. And it’s a lot more tiring because it is not just 8-hrs of work sometimes, even you’re not at work, you would still be working from home. I just know.
Appreciate everything before it’s too late.

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Time, slow down!

It’s 1st of November and time just doesnt seem to slow down, you know?

Rosey Pink

Landmark Belt

Rosey Pink
It feels like just the start of 2015 and yet were down to almost two months of welcoming 2016. I mean, am I the only one who’s feeling that this year has gone too fast? I kept having conversations with my friends like “Im getting old” “Where’d time go?” “It’s BER months already?”  ~ Truly, it is not only the news that has wings of its own, also time ~ I remember when I was a kid thinking of nothing but playing dollhouse with my playmates or sometimes you would see me outside playing the classic filipino games like piko, patintero, tumbang preso and the like.
Rosey Pink
Forever21 Top
Rosey Pink
So how would we take a break and be back to those days that we aren’t feeling any pressure about the time ticking? How can we slow down?
Make the most out of your time– I’m not saying that you should ALWAYS be strict and follow everything on your schedule. But as much as possible finish everything on time so you could have your
….”Alone time”-After all the toxic things you did in school/office, you have to detached yourself from thinking not even one bit of your works. You could always set aside those and breathe even just for 10mins and be back at it afterwards.
Rosey Pink
@Gangandglamour Origami Skirt
Rosey PinkCasio Watch
Parisian Flats
Disconnect and connect– By all means, we are now living in a world full of technologies~ Disconnect from all of it for a day or two and try to connect with the things you used to do before like shopping, reading a book or even playing computer games. Use your those free time to ponder your feelings, explore your heart, ask yourself questions about life, set your goals and meditate. It will give you a clearer sense of self and slow your pace.
Rosey Pink
Rosey Pink
So how are you trying to cope up with time?

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Life is so unfair…

Three things everybody. I don’t know how I came up with these and I don’t know if I’d make sense but… I have thought of three random things on how life wasn’t fair last weekend:

  • Life if so unfair because… I was sick last weekend. I mean, I was having second thoughts if I’d still go to Ariana Grande’s concert because I was weak; I do not know if I was too excited and giddy about it or I am just too sick-ish for my life. Haha! I am no-medicine-kind-of-person; I don’t usually drink medications but for AG, I did.. Just for me to be able to sing, dance, jump, scream, punch my concert buddy and the number are endless.
  • Life is so unfair… because Ariana Grande looked so pretty during her concert and she was really smoking hot and sexy while performing!!! WHY CAN’T I BE HER. Lol but seriously speaking, no words could actually describe how I felt when I saw her the first time. It may seemed too much but trust me, you would feel this way too! (Even way too much, maybe) Haha! Mind you, that, this was my first concert experience… ever (supposed to be 1D but that’s a different story.. My friends know why though haha) Yup. T’was a first for me and I must say that I am too overjoyed and captivated by Ariana Grande’s sick performance. She’s killing it every-freaking-song. And then the next thing you know, I’ll be following her footsteps. KIDDING.


Ariana Grande - AKDG





My favourite







  • Life is so unfair.. My sister and I were seated at the VIP section but as you can see on the photos that it doesn’t look like it. I mean, I just want to say, that how come the SVIP section has been blocked the very first time they were selling tickets? I guess you already knew the answer. It was all reserved for “VIPs” (artists, family and friends of the management) How come they won’t sell it to people who are also willing to buy and wanted to be seated at that section? Right? Like me for instance and those “Arianatics” Mhmm. Just some thoughts to ponder. All though I was satisfied to where I was seating, being short is really a disadvantage. (This was my main problem that’s why I am ranting now) HAHAHA. But nevertheless, it was a fun first!!!! Did I mention that Ariana Grande was really a total performer? YAS QUEEN!!! If I could only turn back time…….

Photos were taken using iPad mini

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Kitchen Diaries

Nope, this blog post isn’t about my days inside the kitchen or the cupcakes I’ve baked nor the food I’ve cooked. Have you heard of Kitchen Diaries Cafe yet? If not, it has to be one of to cutesy cafes in Manila. It may be small yet so artsy and decorative in its own little way. It’s literally a Hole-In-The-Wall cafe but the place is perfect for catching up with friends and a very nice place to have a good time. It also has a great location for those people who lives in the North. Although you may not find it easily if you’re NOT from here. Kitchen Diaries Cafe has moved to a different location; they are still located in Kapitolyo but they are now on the second floor of Holland Tulips shop, near EPIC Cafe and Milky and Sunny. To cap it all off, it is not just in Maginhawa where you could find artisan restaurants and cafe, but also in Kapitolyo, Pasig (PH)

This cafe isn’t just all about the artsy fartsy interiors. I mean, it was a win-win when I discovered this! Artisanal cafe + oh so yummy sweets? W-O-W. Wait til you have a taste of their unique cakes, waffles and coffee. It was actually my second time here in Kitchen Diaries Cafe and I must say, everything was to die for! Especially their Red Velvet Waffle (!!!!!) and….(really) EVERY THING. I’m too addicted to sweets, I must know.

Moreover, I’ll have you toured inside #KitchenDiariesCafe for you to drool while browsing:

Kitchen Diaries 5 11903314_883228998438548_842759231_n

Kitchen Diaries 3

 Cup of White Flat Coffee 

Kitchen Diaries

Hot Chocolate

I guess those latte arts aren’t just for coffee.. But for hot chocolates too!

Kitchen Diaries 10

Kitchen Diaries 1Nutella-Oreo Cream Cheese Cookie Shot

I know this isn’t new to you no more; I am not sure where was it first launched but this one isn’t your ordinary cookie shot! You’ve read it right. Nutella-Oreo with cream cheese edible cup? Yes please!!

Kitchen Diaries 9

Chocnut Frappe

Kitchen Diaries 4

L to R: Caramel Frappe, Red Velvet Frappe and Chocnut Frappe

Would you happen to hear rather see a Chocnut and a Red Velvet Frappe? Your tumblr-ish dream to see one has been answered! Kitchen Diaries Cafe has a very unique drink (frappe) and not to mention, one of a kind. They even have a Red Velvet Cappuccino if I am not mistaken!
Kitchen Diaries 8
Banana Nutella Waffle

Kitchen Diaries 6

Red Velvet Waffle

Drooling yet? YOU’RE WELCOME. lol. Indulge yourself with these waffles; Red Velvet waffle would got to be my favourite. Everything Red Velvet. Yup.

Kitchen Diaries 7

Kitchen Diaries 11

Toasted Angus Cornedbeef

What’s great about Kitchen Diaries Cafe? They are also serving an all day breakfast meal. IKR?

I am thankful that my friend recommended me this cafe and I couldn’t get enough of it, still. If I am not too busy with work, I’m sure that I’d always be here. (not even exaggerating) The place is very accessible, the food’s great and not only that, the owner and staff are really accommodating. You would feel relax and comfortable while you are there. PLUS this would be the perfect place if you are looking for an “instagram-worthy” posts~I know artsy people would get me. Haha! Overall, I recommend this cafe too! I hope this post did not make you hungry.. (or it did)


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Things You Will Realize in Your Twenties

You do not just grow old everyday and learn nothing right? You would always have something to discover nor find out whether within yourself or with every thing that is happening in your life. As I would be turning a year older tomorrow, I would want to share some of the things I have learned and realized on being Twen-teen: (hehe) 
@classiqueapparel sunnies

1. Confusion

There would be a time that you would feel confused and uncertain with every thing. You would always have a lot of choices, like to make the right decisions, take the right course, to be on the right time and place with the right people and every thing RIGHT that would make you go crazy.


@huemanila flats

2. Nothing is constant

…may it be with the things you don’t want to let go and the people around you that you don’t want to leave. Everything come and go. You just have to learn how to let go and deal with it.

3. True friends would stay in your life (no matter what)

I have to admit that I don’t have a lot of friends. I do have 10 friends (or more) before, but only the TRUE ones stayed. I mean, I do not regret having just two. After all, It’s about the quality not the quantity. And I preferred it this way; I can really count on them through anything plus they always got my back. Though, sometimes I find it hard….when it comes to throwing a party. Because…you know.. You can’t throw a party with just two friends. Haha! Kidding!  


 4. You need money… for everything
Some people thought that it is wrong to think that money can buy happiness… But honestly speaking, it REALLY can; You want to have quality food, you want to have a wardrobe like Serena Vanderwoodsen & the Kardashians, you want to go on a cruise and travel with your friends and lastly you want to see the world. So basically, money can buy happiness (but not all the time)

 H&M layered necklace
5. Realistic

Even if you have your ambitions and goals in life, you have to become realistic; that not all your dreams may come true. You may plan everything beforehand but it may not fall into place. Of course, you do not stop there. You have a lot of options to choose from. You just have to choose well and be determined to reach every goal you want to achieve. 

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3 things you don’t know about me

It has been what? 7 months after my last blog post and I want to apologized for being MIA though. Mind you, 3 months ago was my (super-duper) hectic sched because it was my last academic term and twas not a joke having a full load term plus having your Practicum-01 as well. I’m glad I passed all my subjects and made it to Practi-02 which is what I’m currently taking but I would be making a separate blogpost for it though. For now, I wanted to share some or should I say three (3) things you do not know about me:  
   Zara Shirt; H&M Layered necklace

1. I’ll ALWAYS have a room for dessert

I love sweets! Every one has their sweet tooth but mine can’t just get enough of sweets. My body says it all. Lol. Like really… I mean, I am more of dessert-type-of-person when it comes to eating in a buffet resto or anywhere we dine. It’s like I am forced to eat my “real” meal first before ordering a lot of dessert. Haha! Or I’d go to the nearest Starbucks if needed. I (always) want to satisfy my craving. Yup.                  Uniqlo Jeans

2. Shopaholic

Family and friends could attest to this. I do not need to say more. I’m currently “forcing” myself not to buy things that are not needed… But I think I am failing! (Oh no!)               H&M slip on; @classiqueapparel sunnies

3. I do not know how to commute (Don’t judge)

Well, I know how but it is like a selective thing for me. My Mom and Dad used to drive me to school back then. I only commute when I go home. Here’s the thing, I first knew how when I entered college. It is commuting by a cab (lol) or a train. The LRT, I must say! I has been my bestfriend for 2 years only haha because on my third year, my Mom used to drive me to and from school though. And now, on my fourth year, My Dad taught me how to commute by the UV express huhu #babyfeels He used to come with me every morning just for me to learn and then eventually I somehow overcame my fear of (people) and being alone. Yes. I’m that weird. 

I wanted to share more but you’ll get bored of it already. If you’d notice, this blog post of mine is way too different from the past posts I have shared with you because now, I think, I want my readers to know a part of me and not just the clothes I am wearing every time. I’m reminding you that this isn’t a post just to brag or what.. I hope you enjoyed reading and I guess I would be doing more of this.



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Ho ho ho

Starting off by greeting you a merry merry Christmas as well as to your families!

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that my Family and I loves to be color coded on Christmas or whenever we go out on Sundays. Last year we wear something orange and this year we wore something Purple! It was stated that is the color of the year so we gave in! It’s just that, I for one, struggled hard in looking for a nice purple top or a dress even! My outfit was a last minute and I couldn’t be happier when I saw this in Forever21.

Some people may find color coded lame but for us it’s too cute to be in one! Why not try it with your respective families too?








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