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Last but not the “last”

4Topshop Dress2Cotton On Hat12Primadonna Flatforms5@armparty White necklace; @fpcloset Gold necklace689
You’re probably wondering about my blog post title! Well it’s because this isn’t the last outfit for 2013. I have so much backlogs and I haven’t blog ALL about it yet because my family and I kept going out!! 10
But going back to my outfit this is what I am wearing for New Year’s Eve. I believe that this dress with daisy flower prints could pass as an alternative to a polka dotted outfit for New Year? Haha! If you’re lost and does not get what I’m saying I’m actually referring to a “Chinese Tradition” (???) of wearing polka dotted clothes for you to be lucky the whole year!! Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what I know. lol. So instead of joining the mainstream with all that, I’ve thought of wearing an #ootd which is modern about all those traditions of being lucky! Flowers have dots and circles, right? HAHA (let’s push that) lol. I still hope I’d still be blessed for 2014 with this outfit!! But I seriously can’t wait what is in-stored for me for the coming new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Have a blessed year ahead! x


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Christmas 2013

I don’t know how would I express how I felt about this year’s Christmas with my whole family. This day was sort of a normal yet fun filled day! It’s sorta normal ’cause we were all tired from last night festivities! We all stayed up late for Christmas Eve haha. But nevertheless, I am way too blessed because I’ve got the chance to celebrate with my whole fam plus my Dad is here with us again! I think that is the highlight of our Christmas! Ho ho ho!Christmas12Christmas14Christmas8Christmas4Topshop Tangerine DressChristmas15Christmas13Christmas11Christmas10ALDO Shoes; Forever21 Tangerine Ring

I so love my dress that I wore today! Except the fact that it is kinda loose to me already. Just a piece of something to share, this dress was really fitting to my bod when I bought it til I got to wear it this Christmas. My bod really is deceiving! Haha. I may look fat in all these photos but trust me…. I’m sorta not 😦 LOL #justranting Anyway, my family and I wore shades and tones of orange…. because I said so! Haha I was the first one who shopped for my Christmas clothes and all that so yeah, I basically FORCED them to buy and wear orange. We aren’t really that traditional nor whatever about wearing same kind of clothes for special occasions, but this year’s and exception coz my Dad is with us again hence the color coding! And…. We’re totally loving it! I hope to encourage or maybe force them again next year!! hahaha. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! xxXmas6Happy Holidays! (my eldest sister not in the photo)

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Christmas Red

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas guys!! I’ve been wanting to blog my outfit for the day but I left my camera and my laptop so I had no time the whole day. But now, I won’t keep you waiting!Christmas Eve4Christmas Eve1Landmark Top; Cabana Printed ShortsChristmas Eve3@galeytemple Zebra Insert caseChristmas Eve2Christmas Eve8Christmas Eve5ALDO shoes

How do you like my simple yet eye catching look for Christmas Eve? I have this pieces since last year for our “mini Family Reunion” but it got cancelled so I didn’t have the chance to wear it at all. I even forgot about these pieces ’cause I sorta misplaced it inside my closet hahaha. You know that feeling girls!! Right? Then it would just magically appeared, voila! haha. I’m so happy I’ve saved this ensemble because it really screams “Christmas”! A bold red top; lotsa red and prints on my shorts; plus it really made me happy because everyone liked my shorts and my matchy matchy Zebra insert case from @galeytemple! And can I just say that this look was really a comfy one. I got to move a lot more easier and faster coz of my not-so-loose top! Really perfect for Christmas-“kulitan”-Eve with the whole family! I hope you guys are having fun with your loved ones! Merry merry Christmas everyone! Godbless!! x

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New york, new york!

If you got to read my past blog post you’d know that the city I like to go the most (when I’ve the chance) is New York City in United States. But that would be after 5 years or more haha! Well, I hope so!! So yeah, New York it is hence the top from @awesomefindsss! Stripey 2StripeyStripey 12@awesomefindsss NY TopStripey 4 Stripey 7 Stripey 10@fpcloset Chained necklaces
Stripey 5@samsstation Striped leggings; @bttmnl booties

Though New York is known for the most populous city in US, I’d still looooooove to go ’cause it is where all dreams are made of! LOL sing with me haha. My humor, please! haha! But seriously speaking, even if it seen as a “concrete jungle” because of the modern buildings that is perceived as dangerous and unpleasant, it just means that there are a lot and intense competition and struggle for survival. I mean, New York is not New York without competitions! It’s either you strive for your survival or you’d fail. One example of it is, ya know their “Fashion sense!” As far as I can see in the movies and all over the web, all the people living there are VERY fashionable! They love mixing and matching prints on their looks which I always admire; they also love adding twist to their outfits that’s why each and every outfit is unique!! I just really hoped I’d have the chance to fly to NY to experience and witness all those!!! (soon)

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Pop of pink

Pop1Pop9Forever21 Top; @fpcloset Chain NecklacePop7Divi Origami Shorts; Forever21 beltPop3Parisian Studded bag; Ichigo FlatsPop10Swatch Watch

Here’s what I wore last Sunday when my Family and I went to the mall. It was just in time when this studded cap from @fpcloset arrived. Yup! Happens to me all the time. It was like it came in the mail just for me to wear it and pair it with my whole look! It was just simple ensemble til I got to wear the cap though. What do you think guys? Haha! Lol but I really felt sexy (whoooahh) while wearing these inside the mall. Everyone was sorta staring at me ’cause I think I wore a bit of a daring outfit? (that rhymed. lol) But that doesn’t stop me from shopping inside though I was quite pissed off with some people haha. I just thought of a brighter side that they loved my outfit instead. Bohooo! We have that “thinking” of dress to impress so I guess those people who kept on staring were impressed? Well, I hope so! I hope you like this simple look. x

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The most beautiful time of the year

Colorful as a Rainbow 7Colorful as a Rainbow 1Colorful as a Rainbow

Top from @fpcloset on instagramColorful as a Rainbow 5

Envelope clutch from @fpclosetColorful as a Rainbow 2Colorful as a Rainbow 9Pink skirt from @fpclosetColorful as a Rainbow 4Neon collared necklace from @citylifestylebytrixColorful as a Rainbow 6Well, I can definitely say that it is the most awaited and most wonderful time of the year!!! You are some sort of an alien if you do not know what I mean. haha! I AM TALKING ABOUT CHRISTMAS! Yay! I hope most of you got to have a nice day to start off the month. For all I know, I started December full of school work and activities but I. Am. Not. Going. To. Give. Up because although it’s beginning to be a tough Finals week again, I am just going with the flow coz Christmas break is coming too soon! I know all these hardwork would pay off… well, crossing my fingers now. haha!

So much for my school stuff and rants… Going back to what I wore, you could see that I paired a lot of colours in this whole ensemble. I meant it to be this colorful for me to be able to show you how I really feel Christmas vibes everywhere. Don’t you just love seeing A LOT of people inside the mall having their last minute Christmas shopping? People walking along the streets hurrying to go home immediately and all that? Well, for others they must be irritated seeing those coz it could cause traffic and crowded places but for me, I quite love seeing those scenarios coz that’s where I get giddy feels “wanting” to join the craziness. haha! But seriously though, try observing whenever it’s Christmas shopping inside the mall or anywhere; it is where you can see and really feel the through meaning of Christmas. I meant not the material things though, but the thought of people giving gifts just to make other people feel loved and happy!

Have you finished shopping for your loved ones yet? Tell me more about it. Comment down! x

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