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How To Style: Muscle Tees

I’ve been wanting to post something that goes “How To Style” section here on my blog. I have drafted 2 old post before and I wasn’t able to published it because of some petty reasons haha. I don’t want to elaborate on that anymore but it’s been months (I swear) since I shoot those outfit photos. Plus it’s kind of a long post though so maybe one of these days, I am going to post it! So stay tuned!

Anyway so much for my draft posts! Here’s to an exciting blog now coz I finally did it again! and good news, I’m going to publish it! haha. Here it is! The “How To Wear” section!! What I have worn now is a Muscle tee which is (I know) very familiar to you guys. Right? So here’s how I styled it. This is just ze Part one… so most probably there’s a Part 2. loller. haha. I won’t keep you waiting….


@mixmatchshop_ YSL Muscle Tee

I finally got to wear this YSL muscle tee that @mixmatchshop sent me a month ago! Good thing it’s in white because I already have the black version of this if you could remember me blogged about it a few months back. I styled the black on with camo shorts and now paired this white one with aztec print leggings! I did not have a hard time choosing which ones to pair with it coz it’s white and you can never ever go wrong it (yep I am paulit ulit like that) hahaha lol.12A 13A

Little Nook Aztec Print Leggings


I am honestly not into leggings but because it is in my fave color and print, I bought it and gave it a try! I was a bit shocked because I kinda pulled it off (???) and it really gave my simple muscle tee an oomph! Maybe it is because of the bold prints of the leggings, I must say. So yeah, I’m so sorry for the photo flooding it’s just that it is my first time to do this kind of shoot……. I loved it! What do you think guys? Wait til you see my Part 2 of “How To Wear”. Wait fot it, yes?!! x


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Sunday Dress

Oh, before I forgot Happy Father’s day to your awesome Dads, guys! I know it’s a late greeting but better late than never, right? Hahaha. I hope you had a great time celebrating it last Sunday though! Anyway, I am so into black and white pieces recently. It’s because it so effortless and you need not to put so much for it to stand out. Just like this dress I have worn. Find out and see how I styled it!


@etzyhub Brown Studded WatchIMG_0208

Lissa Kahayon’s Shoes (Blogger’s United 5)

IMG_0212 IMG_0213IMG_0231 IMG_0232

SM Dept. Store Dress; SM Accessories Belt

Since it’s Sunday, I really opted to wear a dress for the mass! I’m loving how this simple white dress turned into “something”. The leopard print wedges that I bought last BU5 from Top Blogger Lissa Kahayon seemed too perfect for this look! Lol. It gaveso much  edge to this white crisp dress. Can you tell? And ohhh, can I just say that I bought it for a very cheeeeeap price?! Whatta score! and it’s from Jellybean you guys! hahaha. I was really happy the day I bought it because.. Look.. It is so Me!! Yay! OA much? haha.

Going back,  I didn’t find it so boring and it took the whole outfit into another level! Oh well, what prints can do to outfits like this. Plus I kept it really neutral and classy by wearing a gold accent belt and my brown studded watch. Gold and Brown? Not bad huh? lol. I can really say that.. LESS IS MORE.

More black and white outfits soon!! x

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Finally I got to wore a black and white ensemble again. It is such a classic ensemble that I wore it when my Family and I went to SM Aura Premier yesterday. The name of the mall sounds so elegant already as well as the mall itself and can I just say that it was such a hit when it opened a few weeks ago? People went gaga all over the big branch of Uniqlo, Forever21 and the like. But other stores are still closed and might opened after a few months. Lol. So I won’t keep you waiting guys! Read on to know more about my outfit.21


Bubbles Tassle Necklace

8Forever 21 Top; Next Jeans Shorts


You’d wonder why would I dress up this much inside the mall? Lol. It isn’t about the look but about the comfort. It’s a newly opened mall and I’ve been there already so I knew how cold it is inside. And this black top with lace details is so perfect because it isn’t too thick and the lace details are too “huggy” (i mean you know, if there’s such a word. haha) so I didn’t feel cold at all. Also, I didn’t accessorize that much because my top is a statement of its own already. I love tops like this! lol. haha. I would probably wear this again because it’s so pretty not to! Right? It’s like a DAY to NIGHT outfit. Malling for day and a night out chilling with your girl friends! What do you think about it guys?

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The Pedestrian Shot





Tomato Studded Bag




Etzyhub Black Studded Watch





Landmark Top and Necklace


This would be my fave shots to date! I’ve been wanting to have a shoot on the pedestrian and pretend that I really am walking! lol. But seriously, I was walking here just to get the right thing and appropriate poses for a Pedestrian shot. This wouldn’t be possible if my co-blogger, Pauline wasn’t around. It’s like a sudden idea when we saw a lot of pedestrian lane. We were just talking that we really wanted our outfit photos to be taken there and the next thing we know, we are already posing! hahaha.

Anyway, I stated on my last post that I’ll be having a part 2 of my BU5 experience and here it is. Will bombard you photos of me and the Top bloggers I have met last time:

TOP (left to right) I am with: Verniece Enciso; Cheyser Pedragosa; Lissa Kahayon


BOTTOM (left to right) David Guison; (forgot the name huhu); Dani Barretto & Mikyle Quizon

The Enciso Sisters ❤

These are just some guys! If you want photos of the Event visit my friend’s blog: ❤

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Bloggers United V


Are you doubting yet? I am one of the few bloggers who attended and had a booth at the event Bloggers United 5 yesterday. Want a proof? Okay I can’t find any hahaha. But if you are following me on instagram I posted A LOT of photos of me and my co-Bloggers. Haha. Kidding! But you can check it out… Follow me on instagram: @aizelyy.


Landmark Necklace; Etzyhub  studded Watch


Anyway, so much for that! I was being such a feeler lol. Here’s what I wore yesterday! I know that this was such a simple outfit but I still kept it classy and so me for it to be appropriate for the event.



Landmark Top; Online Shop Ombre shorts (not that seen)

I have thought of wearing a dress or a skater skirt instead but I was hesitant coz I know many would wear those! So I wore my ombre shorts and a unique top just for me to be safe. I mean, you don’t want to roam around seeing some girls wearing the same clothes as yours, right?


Tomato Studded Bag

It was honestly my first time to attend the BU so I was really being safe with my outfit and I want to be so comfy because “my thing “on Bloggers United 5 was to have photos taken with all my favorite bloggers and NOT to shop! But guess what? I failed! Haha. I have reached my target to have some photo op with all my fave bloggers but I did shop a little. I JUST CAN’T HELP IT.

Can I just say that I wasn’t able to have photos with Camille Co and Laureen Uy… my friend and co-blogger Paulinabirs went home early and they arrived just in time we left. hahaha. What is wrong timing? lol. Nevertheless, I didn’t expect that BU5 would be this F-U-N!!! I regret not attending the past BU but this one’s surely for the books! Can’t wait for Bloggers United 6!! *fingerscrossed*

PS: I would have a part 2 of the blog post because I am still waiting for some of the photos. I promise to update this! Don’t forget to visit my blog tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Haha.


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