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After a month of being MIA, here’s a FRESH comeback post to you guys! What I meant about fresh is that a carefree and new kind of ensemble which I guess is appropriate for summer.Peachy2 Peachy3@Infinitefashioon_ Peach jumperskirtPeachy4 Peachy13Aldo Shoesk
Peachy14Peachy8 Peachy9Forever21 Polka midrib

So here’s what I came up with! Paired these two Peachy midrib and jumperskirt and it turned out fine. It’s not an over-do-it-kind of summer outfit but simple yet a stylish one! I love how it looked like a one piece dress that you can also wear not only in a mall or dates but can also be a Sunday dress. Well at least for me!


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Warby Parker: You’re getting warmer~SPRING Collection

Starting this post by sharing you that I really have a thing for sunnies! I kinda have a collection of it and they are one of my fave go to pieces. Whenever I feel lazy dressing up and putting my make up on I just wear any pair of my sunnies and I am good to go! It just instantly gives me confidence and the perfect finished of my whole outfit! That is why I am really in great awe when I heard about Warby Parker.

Warby Parker is a US based shop specifically in New York that sells refreshed classic vintage-style eyewears. They are known for their handcrafted frames using only the finest custom materials, and takes several weeks to produce from initial cut through polishing. Plus they are launching their new sunnies collection today; March 18, which is their SPRING Collection: The SPECTRUM Sun Collection which I would be discussing further in a few.


PIPER Revolver Black


MINNIE Eucalyptus

MINNIE Striped Sassafras

DEAN English Oak

PIPER Woodland Tortoise
SPECTRUM_HALL_2HALL Whiskey Tortoise

Those are just some of the Spectrum Sun Collection. As you can see, they’re not your usual sunnies because of it’s vintage-y feels whenever you got to wear ’em! They have it’s own unique style, print and very polished and sleek design.Spectrum_gradient_HALLhall-sun-cherry-blossom-top

HALL Cherry Blossom


To top it all, Warby Parker is not selling because they are “just selling”. They are still very active in the business because they always think of quality not quantity of their product that is why they have lots of costumers going back just to get themselves a pair. Not only that, they have this thing so called “BUY A PAIR, GIVE A PAIR”; whenever someone buys a pair of their sunnies they provide affordable pair to someone who are in need! Awesome right? You are not just buying for yourself; you are also helping others!

Going back to what would be my favourite in this collection: It’s probably the last pair of sunnies which name is HALL Cherry Blossom. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love all the sunnies in this SPRING collection but this one really caught my attention. It is not just the colour that I really liked but also the size and shape of the sunnies and as well as the style of how the lens are not so dark. Those are the things that I am considering when buying a pair and I think I already found the one!! It’s very rare to find this kind so I might as well get myself a pair and it would be very timing with my beach adventures this summer!! I cannot wait!



Do good: www.warbyparker.com/do-good/#home

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How To Style: Denim Top

Part II


Remember the time I’m quite into “trademarks”? Haha. Anyhoo, this is the draft post I’ve been wanting to post 2 months ago and I do not know why didn’t I post this one. lol but I’d be very quick with this post since you already saw me wearing this mint aztec skirt last time. Part II of How To Style: Denim Top, baby! Yay!

16Primadonna Neon Wedges

30@Awesomefindsss Neon skull bracelet

8@Classiqueapparel shades


Online Shop Aztec Skirt; @etzyhub Brown studded watch2317

Well, need I say more? Denim and aztec print never fails to amaze me whenever I pair them! I won’t elaborate on that anymore coz these photos should do justice and explanation for my outfit. Also, this is, I guess the second time around that I have paired pastel and neon. The first one was this post “New Experience”. I am quite getting the hang of pairing pastel and neon maybe I could give you more looks of that combo soon!


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Neon Dream x Pico de Loro


Entitled this post a “Neon Dream” because I am planning to send these outfit photos at Tag a Trend. Just so you know, my Slice Me outfit was featured last week for their Totes Amaze Trend. (Will blog about it tomorrow)

I was shocked and at the same time very lucky to know that their Week’s New trend is all about Neon. And you know how much I love neon right? So when we went out on a Vacay, I made sure I have with me my Own Summer Essentials….. Neon things!


I wore Neon on Neon on the beach. Okay that was just too many “ON” haha. But yeah, my swim suit was in Leopard print with a hint of Neon and my Cover up was Neon as well. I find it cool though and I think it suits together and didn’t clashed at all.




Edited this photo because I want you guys to see the real Neon color of my cover up. You’ll see the real photo here…


As much as I want to upload all the photos… I know you’ll get tired looking at them because I have a…. LOT. Hihi.


Mind you, we weren’t complete yet on these photos! Haha. We really are a BIG family. Literally. Joke.


Ending this post with a photo with our Good Family Friend, “Boss Ramil” who accompanied and toured us in Pico de Loro. He isn’t reading my blog (I guess) but I would just like to thank him for being so kind and generous! Haha.

PS: One last blog post guys!! I know you’re all sick of our Vacay photos! Hahaha. Love you guys!!


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Pico de Loro



I love how this shot was taken by Me and it seems like it was taken by a legit photographer. No? Okay. Hahaha. I was just kidding! So yeah, this isn’t the beach yet. This was just the Lagoon.

Sponsored Flower Crown by @anythingwired8

I’m so excited to blog about how pretty the place was but first of, here’s a photo of me resting with a flower crown on my head. I know you’ll laugh at me because why am I even wearing it? The answer is… It is so so so perfect for summer and it would instantly match ANY of your outfit whenever you’re on the beach. At least there, No one would really care coz it’s screams S U M M E R.

My cousin Sachi.

These photos we’re taken at Pico de Loro Beach Club. If my cousin and I are already pretty to look at, wait til you see the place in 3….2……1.


Okay so kidding aside, the place is really gorge!!! I haven’t taken photos of all the place there and amenities because I was busing taking photos of myself. Haha. Self fact. Lol. But yeah, if I am not mistaken, there are 6 or 7 building in Pico de Loro with different kinds of amenities inside. 4 of them are condominiums and a hotel for people to stay in!

I am not good at criticizing a place but I loved their interiors!! Every building has it’s own unique touch. And in this building, I liked how the ceiling was so High that even it’s quite small, you wouldn’t notice it because of the High Ceiling. That’s a magic a ceiling can do guys!


Here’s the outside view of Pico de Loro Beach Club. They have so many infinity pools outside but this was the only photo I took. It has a Massage? pool, 2 Infinity pool, Kiddie pool and all the pool, just name it! Hahaha. Sorry I don’t know how to call it. Lol.


JUST……. WOW! A top view of the Lagoon and some of the building.


Lots of Trees around in the place!! Can I just say that Pico de Loro is located on top of a Mountain? Wait, I really don’t know if that’s legit but with the kind of Travel we did here… I really think it’s on Top of a Mountain. Haha.


Last but not the least, this was my View while having our Breakfast buffet! So clean, fresh, and peaceful!!!!! I took this photo on our last day. So wait for my Next post about my last summer outfit in Pico de Loro. Will blog about it tonight!!!!!!! x

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PaperBag Shorts



This day was sooooooooooo freakin’ hot. I went out with my cousin to do some errands but guess what? This isn’t what I wore. I wore my pants and a simple top instead. Who would want to wear these out if you’ll just commute? NOT ME! Hehe. I don’t want some bad guys wolf-whistling at me.


I just changed into these ensemble for me to feel comfy because I know we’ll visit my Grandma. Saturday is family day for us!

Forever21 Tank Top


I love how my Gray tank top goes well with my Teal paper bag shorts, hence the title. But what I really loved about this look was the yellow accent belt. I can’t imagine my whole outfit without the belt. It would be as simple as house clothes if I did not put it tho. But thank God I found one in my room.


Mind you, I tried putting up my Leopard Belt from Mango and My Ribbon teal belt but I failed. Only this yellow one suits the whole outfit!! Don’t you think?

Thrifted Shorts

Can I just say that my shorts are thrifted? Yes! I got this from a thrift shop when I went to my friend’s house last year. It’s doesn’t fit me too well that why instead of calling it a highwaisted shorts, I called it le Paper bag shorts! Why? Well it’s so hard to explain. To top it all, I LOVE MY PAPER BAG SHORTS plus IT’S MY FAVORITE COLOR. Haha.

PS: Do you love how I changed the setting of my photos? Well, comments are are appreciated. I’m trying to figure out which ones are better for my blog.



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I just opened a New section on my blog which is the MUST HAVE section. I just thought of it just now because I am bored and I can’t sleep yet. I tried some apps on my iPad and tried editing and putting up these pieces together. Well, I never thought that being bored at this time would have it’s perks and advantages.

So I won’t go over the bush anymore, I present to you my Must Have section!


I know that I showed just few pieces but I started with these because I already have it in my closet that I haven’t wore yet! And…. Yes! All of these! Oh wait! Except the flats and the sandals. Hehe.

1. Swim suit Bandeau Top & Yellow Skater skirt (Upper Left; Lower Left Corner respectively) – As I’ve told you, I already have these with me. I just bought a New swim suit online and I cannot wait to wear it til our First summer getaway. You’ll noticed that I paired it with a Skater skirt. which is by the way A MUST HAVE! Nothing. I just want to be unique and Be The First To Wear it here on my blog. So if you see someone wear this kind of ensemble just like what’s on my cork board, Report it to me… A-S-A-P. Haha. Lol.

2. A cute sandals (Lower Left corner) – Pair the over all beach look with your cutie patootie sandals and you’re ready to flaunt it on the beach! Or if you aren’t comfortable with sandals, try using your cute pair of slippers!

3. Polka Dotted Bralette & Watermelon Highwaisted shorts (Upper Right; Lower Right corner respectively) – Well, I don’t have yet the polka dotted bralette but I have with me my polka dotted cropped top which I want to pair with my watermelon shorts. I can imagine how it would turned out well because of the statement shorts. A MUST HAVE!

Can I just tell you how lucky I am to find the right fit and length of this shorts?!?! Yes. I have this shorts with me as well. I haven’t wore it since I bought it. Saving it for my Fambam’s summer getaway too!

4. Sparkly Flat shoes (Lower Right corner) – Pair your statement outfit with… of course a statement pair of shoes as well! In here, I want the attention to be on the shorts and the shoes. But if you want the attention only in the shorts, just use your simple black or pink flats! I know it’ll still look good.

So there you have it! I guess I’ll be updating this section every night…. when I am bored or I can’t sleep. Lol. But yeah, I hope you got unique ideas from this section of my blog!

Goodnight! x


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