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An 80’s kid? Totally not!

Wondering about my title?


Well it is because I wore an oversized denim top! I looked like an 80’s kid but totally not! I’m a 90’s kid. But don’t get me wrong, I love love love 80’s fashion… A lil bit. It’s all loose, very colorful, and sometimes a bit print-y! But I think that it’s all coming back now! Right? So I’m still in with the trend! Hehehe.

And hey! Just a fact, the top is a three times larger than my size, mind you! And my size is just between extra small to small now. Heehee. I only bought the top online so I didn’t expect it to be this BIG!

But going back, what do we girls do when something like that happen? Lol. Solution? TIE THEM! I honestly thought that it would really look awkward on me. It is really big when you see it in actual. But after figuring out what to do with the top, I liked it! Totally not bad!

Yay or Nay? I am such a sucker for denim tops right now! I already have 6 of them with different styles. I kept ordering on different online shops again. My mom kept telling me to stop but I just can’t. I don’t have time to shop anymore because of my never ending plates that is why shopping online is very convenient for me!

Hohoho! Awkward pose of mine! Jhonny Bravo peg, eh? HAHA okay that made ME laugh. Just…. don’t mind me.


Closer look of everything! Hope you like it! x


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