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Unplanned Day


Well, I guess this was my mantra together with my friend Paulalyn the whole day! We felt like we were both totally awesome so our day really went oh so well. Don’t believe me? Follow us on Instagram…. especially on Keek for crazy things we did earlier!!! It’s @mspaulazee / @aizelyy. I swear, you don’t want to miss it! Haha. Lemme just tell you a quick trip we had; We went to PSID (Phil. School of Interior Design) I sat in Paulalyn’s class lol haha. Then High Street for our Lunch at IHOP. We got bored so we went to Greenbelt after. We even promised not to shop!! But..

Okay for my outfit now.. You won’t believe me either that this was a last minute outfit… Plus the spiked cap? We we’re just hanging around Greenbelt 3 (I guess) that we decided to check Call it Spring coz we thought that it’s the fave shop of our fave bloggers. And voila!! After 5mins.. We were buying the spiked cap already. That quick!! We were love at first sight! I bought the black one coz Paulalyn FORCED me too.. Just kidding and she bought the Beige one. Check out her blog:



Call it Spring spiked cap
It’s all about the spiked cap so I’m sorry for the No-face-photos. Haha. You know how much I love spikes and studs so this one was really an impulsive buy!



@etzyhub Brown studded watch


@stayclassy Denim Vest; Forever21 Sandals

Divided by H&M top; Skater skirt gifted by @sachiix

This day was really unplanned tho! My friend and I just thought of having lunch but we ended up mall-kinda-hopping lol and taking outfit shots because of the cap! (I told you the cap was the high light of ze day! Haha!) Anyway couldn’t you agree with me more that unplanned bonding are way way better than those planned? Yup! And oh, can I just say that I felt like I was Kryz Uy even just for a second because she has this kind of cap too! (Photos taken with iphone5. I’m sorry.. Okay I just had to ‘coz the quality seems like legit slr photos.)

PS: I do have more outfit post for you guys; My pre-birthday outfit and my birthday outfit. Expect it here on my blog within the week!
PPS: My Blog Birthday Giveaway is still on going. I’ll announce the winner on August 2, 2013 (Friday). If you haven’t join yet, you know what to do! 🙂 x



July 30, 2013 · 7:31 PM

How To Style: Denim Top

Part II


Remember the time I’m quite into “trademarks”? Haha. Anyhoo, this is the draft post I’ve been wanting to post 2 months ago and I do not know why didn’t I post this one. lol but I’d be very quick with this post since you already saw me wearing this mint aztec skirt last time. Part II of How To Style: Denim Top, baby! Yay!

16Primadonna Neon Wedges

30@Awesomefindsss Neon skull bracelet

8@Classiqueapparel shades


Online Shop Aztec Skirt; @etzyhub Brown studded watch2317

Well, need I say more? Denim and aztec print never fails to amaze me whenever I pair them! I won’t elaborate on that anymore coz these photos should do justice and explanation for my outfit. Also, this is, I guess the second time around that I have paired pastel and neon. The first one was this post “New Experience”. I am quite getting the hang of pairing pastel and neon maybe I could give you more looks of that combo soon!


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How To Style: Denim Top


Well if I am to change the title of this blog post I would definitely name it “Kathryn Peg” hahaha lol. I am not a fan of Kathryn but a KathNiel. haha okay why am I even talking about this? Am I lame now? Kidding. But yeah, I was honestly inspired with Kathryn’s outfit in their teleserye trailer “Got to Believe”. Nothing more nothing less. And oh, here’s another post on my blog section, “How to Style”. It was formerly How to Wear but I find it awk. lol anyway..


OnlineShop Denim top; Thrifted Maxi skirt


Forever21 Leopard Sandals

K7Forever21 Leopard Earrings


I know maxi skirts aren’t my thing but this one’s too pretty not to be paired with my “not-so-abused-denim-top” lol. The manang side of me has been revealed! hahaha. I’ve been inlove with this kind of skirts since then but I don’t have the guts to buy and wear them because my sisters always tease me that I look like a “manang” with it. Good thing my friends and I found this skirt in a thrift shop somewhere in Taft so I grabbed it though I think it really doesn’t suit me. haha. Just a fact: Any long dresses or skirts doesn’t suit me 😦 It’s because I am small. But wait, does maxi skirts tend to make girls look taller?? But with me… I just don’t know. lol haha. Also, earrings aren’t my thing as well but because it’s in my fave print I bought it. Plus it matches my leopard sandals so that would do justice! hihi. Kidding aside, I hope you got an idea with what’s to pair with your denim top! Stay tuned on ze part 2 of styling this top!

PS: Apparently, it makes me sad that only some joined my Blog Giveaway 😦 Maybe I just expected so much hahaha. My bad, I’m sorry. But I am still hoping that more would join! I am not forcing tho, I just want everyone to be happy hihi. Anyhoo, mechanics are posted here: Blog Birthday GivewayHoping to see you entry there? Yes? x


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Birthday Giveaway: Infinite Fashion x Awesomefindsss

Finally posting a Blog Giveaway!! Not only for my blog but because it’s my birthday month, my ever loving blog sponsor @Awesomefindsss and I is throwing a blog birthday giveaway for you guys!! How cool is that? I am so happy and grateful that she decided to have a collaboration me with again. Yay for that!! I know you are excited as I am because this is a First! And all the firsts are exciting, agree? *well I’m crossing my fingers* So I won’t keep you waiting. Want to see the exciting prizes that awaits you?



Awesome pieces right? I know everyone knows how abundant and popular muscle tees are! Specifically with a Jack Daniel print on it. Also, I’ve been seeing a lot of loose tops online but this top with a “Fresh” printed on it is kinda unique of all.  So why buy in online shop if you could win it here on Infinite Fashion Awesomefindsss giveaway? #shameless hihi.


How to join and win in a collaboration with Infinite Fashion Awesomefindsss?

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You are good if you finished doing all of those! But if you really want to win and have an additional of 3 entries comment these below:

1. Your full name and email address

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Entries for this Birthday Blog Giveaway is until August 1, 2013 (Thursday)


PS: And because I am a feeler, if ever you’ll win these, you could either choose to Meet me or ship it to you. hahaha 😦 #feeler. Kidding aside, how I wish all of you could win! With that, I could show how thankful I am for you my beloved readers! But don’t worry this would not be the last….. More to come! (hoping)


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New experience!


Just try to look at my face above. I was that happy when my mind was set that my friends and I would go to Milky & Sunny. But it turned out we didn’t! Instead.. We tried Alex III! It was my first time there!… Okay that was the New experience I am talking about my title. I mean.. A new food experience! haha. My friend came late so we had to go to a nearer place. Alex III is located in Wilson if I am not mistaken. Can I just say that all the food were delish!! We ordered different types of bbq chicken because that was their best seller! To make it short.. All of it were tasty and yummy!! Must try!! I am not being biased here just because I super love fried chicken… lol

6G3GLandmark Belt; @etzyhub Black studded watch


@classiqueapparel shades; H & M ribbon earring

8GLandmark Top and Neon Pants


Tomato Studded Bag; Parisian Flats

I was in awe when I saw that Gray and Neon would looked well together.. Well at least for me. It’s because my top is in neutral color that is why I did not hesitate to pair it with my neon pants. I just added a ribbon earring and black belt with gold accents for my outfit not to be so simple and boring! You don’t usually see me wearing earrings here on my blog but this H & M earring that my aunt sent me was an exception! Though fancy accessories irritates my ear, I still gave it a try!

What do you think of this look? I would love to hear from you! x

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Denim x Floral


Am I too late if you see me wearing this kind of ensemble? The most popular look (for me) during summer and I think up to now… The Denim x Floral look everyone! *drumroll* Lol. I dunno what sets me earlier to go for this look. Maybe I haven’t tried this when it was still a trend but I don’t think it would be old news for all. Denim and floral doesn’t go out of style no matter what season we are in! Agree?


Guess Denim TopLandmark Belt


Orange Bag gifted by a friend; Amanda’s Place floral skirt


@anythingwired8 Flower crown

Of course this whole look wouldn’t be complete without wearing my favorite flower crown from @anythingwired8. I always wear this one, can you tell? hahaha. I really think it matches all my look.. whenever, whatever.. lol. But hey I’m serious. It never fails to amaze me when I pair it with my outfit posts.



Finished my look with my new shoes from Parisian… the cat face loafers!! They are my favo now so don’t blame me if I wear them with almost all of my outfit. hahaha. Oh wait, did I mention that this is what I wore in a movie date with my niece, Keannedra? I already watched We Despicable Me 2 yesterday with my friends but because my niece really wanted to watch it with me and she is kind of a spoiled brat.. my sister (her mom) made me her companion in the movie house.. which means it was their treat. haha. OKAY… enough for this long post… bye

PS: Yay for my come back post!!! More ootd tomorrow. I promise to update this often!

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