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Sweater Weather

This is what I wore with a movie date with my Mom, sister and cousin last Wednesday. I shouldn’t be able to make it because I still have classes that day but I got bored with my 7hr break and it started raining so I chose to go home instead and joined ’em!!! Haha. Well, I ditched my last class but I guess that would be my first and last cut for that subject!! No more ditching…. Okay let’s see about that tho! HAHASweater 3Sweater

@infinitefashioon_ Green Striped Pullover

5SweaterKamiseta Neon Splattered Shorts2Sweater6Sweater

Keds Sneakers1Sweater10Sweater8Sweater7SweaterI know in myself that I really couldn’t pull of wearing sneakers but this Keds I bought last week was an exemption and I also took advantage of the fact that it was raining so hard that day so I decided to wear my pullover! Plus it was a movie date with Mom so this outfit is kinda appropriate in the movie theater. It’s just that my shorts were too short for me not be freezing cold inside but with my pull over and sneaker, I didn’t feel cold. I swear! They kinda made me comfortable while watching the movie “She’s the one” which is by the way a good movie!! I didn’t wear any accessories because I was too lazy to “really dressed up”. I just got the clothes that would match my newly bought sneakers which is an eyelet kind of sneakers (sorry I just had to say “newly” coz I’m too happy that this Keds kinda match my personality. lol) and I didn’t notice that I accidentally made a mix and match outfit which I think turned nice and not bad at all. I guess I’ll be pulling off more outfits wearing sneakers so that I’ll get used to it!

PS: I have an upcoming good news for you guys!!!!!!!! WHO WANTS A RANDOM GIVEAWAY? 🙂 Crossed your fingers with me that it would really push through! 🙂 I’m quite excited because I’ll be collaborating with one of my fave shops ever since the online shopping started……


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