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Give Me A Reason



4 If you know the song Just Give Me A Reason by Pink…. you’re cool now! Haha! Kidding! But I am honestly so into it right now. I have already raped the Repeat button because I can’t get enough of it. It has been stuck on my mind since I the first time I’ve heard it. Haha!


Landmark Stripes Dress



But that is not just the reason about the title. This may sound corny but this Rainy season is giving me a reason to dress up like this!

See? I am so corny, what’s new! Haha! But hey, Gotchaa! I love dressing up during rainy season. It doesn’t mean that you are just going to wear your cardigan or jackets and then you’re good to go… No! You can also be stylish by wearing colorful ones then pair it with denim shorts or pants too so you won’t feel cold.



Tomato Studded Bag


Sponsored Studded Watch by @etzyhub


Dickies Black socks; Online Shop Wedges

I even like wearing boots or booties like the one I am wearing on the photos. Okaaay. They aren’t booties… just socks and wedges! HAHA. At least I’ve tried though! Anyway, these Stripes plus Denim combo is making me look like a Rocker chic. I love everything with a hint of Denim… It instantly give an edge to an outfit!

What do you think of my look?



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Parisian Chic


Imagine me walking along the streets of Paris in these outfit with a trenched coat maybe together with a black scarf. AHHHH. I can imagine me and a “special someone” (lol how i wish) walking with me on our way to the Eiffel Tower. Yay!

Just imagine how pretty the street lights are, people taking photos and a lot more. Oh wait, can I just go to Paris… like NOW? Please? Haha! I keep imagining myself travelling. Well that’s just some of what I wanted to do when I grow up. I mean you know, when I am stable already. Lol. I still have to wait! That’s way too far.


MANGO Belt; FOREVER21 Shorts

Going back to my outfit. Seeing these ankle booties that I got last Wednesday made me think that I am like those girls in Paris. Why? Ladies in Paris tend to wear this kind of shoes or maybe those High cut booties instead because that’s how they find themselves unique and of course, these are not just stylish and chic but it’s also some sort of protection for them whenever it’s winter.




The only thing was lacking in my look was those Parisian Blonde hair and those big curls they got! Oh men, how I wish I have ’em too!


Sponsored Skull Bangles from @easyfinds (left) ; @awesomefindsss (right)


Sponsored Necklace from @citylifestylebytrix

Seriously speaking, I made this Neon necklace as an inspiration for my Parisian Chic Look. When @citylifestylebytrix sent me this necklace, I was totally inlove with it because it is so me!! Then I told myself, why not gave it a try? So I grabbed my New booties… thought that orange would blend so well with the color Tan or brown… Mixed and matched everything… Voila! Chic outfit!


What I love about this outfit is that you can not only wear it in Paris (lol this is too simple but would be very nice if paired with a trenched coat and a scarf) but yeah… You can also wear it here in the Phil. because the colors are sorta Neutral and it really is appropriate for the weather here.

Lastly, the back color of my top and my shorts are almost the same so the neutral color of my top in the front really popped and that made my outfit more unique and chic! Don’t you think?

Tell me about your thoughts in this outfit.


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Over Dressed


Okay so the title says it all! I was kind of over dressed in the party I attended to and I was so ashamed after I see all the girls that are just wearing simple outfits like Muscle tees, Tank Tops and dresses.

I am not bragging about my outfit though so don’t get me wrong. For my opinion I was sort of over dress which was not good. I “feel’ (just a feeling) like everyone was looking at me that’s why I couldn’t go to the comfort room or get a food properly. Good thing I have my gorgeous friends with so my shyness went off a little.


So enough for my issues. Lesson learned. But you can’t blame me because the themed was a Pool party so I wore this White Off Shoulder top that @xoxosupply sent me weeks ago before the party. So I thought of wearing it but to my surprise…. Okay not again. Hahaha!


I also wore my New Ombre shorts I bought online to broke the Neutral-“ness” of my top (lol if there’s such a word) and just to be more appropriate because a Pool party = colorful.


Sponsored Top by @xoxosupply


Sponsored Flower Crown from @anythingwired8

Until now I am still thinking I should’ve wore a simple tank top instead so I didn’t feel shameful for the whole time. Haha! But seriously, the real outfit that was on my mind was a floral dress but I know many would wear that so I stick with this…….. Wait I’ll name it.. My shameful outfit. Lol.





Shoes same as Anne Curtis’ haha LOL.

Even if I thought I was over dressed, it was a good thing that I didn’t wore any accessories to match the whole look because if I do…. uh-ohh. But yeah, I wanted the attention to be on my top.

If you are wearing this kind of Tops don’t wear any accessories just to let people see how pretty your outfit. An eye catching shorts or pants would do already! And of course a nice pair of flats.


And yes I love my flower crown so much because it was like meant for every outfit I wear. But still, even though it suits the whole outfit, I didn’t have the guts to wear it in party coz when the party started the debutante was also wearing one. So just imagine my face guys…. Yeah. Hahahaha. But I apologize to her about my outfit and stuff and she was joking and greeting me a Happy Birthday instead of me greeting her. Funny right? It was no big deal for her but for me…. it was.. sort of. Hehe.


PS: I have so much outfits to show to you guys. Can’t wait to blog about ’em!! Yaaay! Keep reading!






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Denim On Denim


I really don’t have that Trademark thingy when it comes to putting title on my Photo. Just like this one! Haha. I keep on changing it and it kinda annoys me. Yes, kinda. Haha! So if you have some comments and suggestions about putting a trademark on my photo, you might as well comment it below this blog post. Yay!


Online Shop Denim Top

On to my outfit now. I don’t usually wear Denim on Denim clothing but I gave it a try just to see if I could pull it off. What do you think of it guys?


@Trendmanila Gold Necklace

These two denim clothing aren’t in the same color but luckily they look really great on the photos! It was like they were made for each other. Okay. I’m over reacting again. Haha! But seriously, I loved how they went well. I was inspired by Kryz Uy’s blog post on her “Denim on Denim” look as well. I just don’t know if that’s really the title but her version was in Pants.


DIY distressed shorts

While blogging now, I noticed that I look like a scavenger with my whole look. Dont you think? Acid Denim Top plus my DIY distressed shorts… Instant beggar outfit. Haha! Corny jokes agaaaain. But yeah, I paired these two because it kinda make my outfit look like a romper. A denim romper I must say.


Sponsored Black Studded Watch by @Eztyhub

I kept my accessories simple and classy by adding the hints of Gold and Black bracelets and necklace. You can never go wrong with Gold and Black combo, I tell you! That’s why for my Denim on Denim look to stand out more, I wore this chunky Gold necklace to match other accessories as well. This one’s a perfect outfit for chilling and malling with you Friends or maybe with your boyfriend too?


Landmark Cat Eye Sunnies (same as Anne Curtis’. Hihi. LOL)


Gold and Black bracelets from @Trendmanila; “Blogger” wired bracelet from @Ambriels Box

If you want to see a closer look of my Gold and Black armparty, follow me on instagram. @aizelyy. I posted it there! Yaaaay!



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Here I go again with my DIY Cross Cropped Top! It is sort of a sheer piece of clothing that’s why it was really perfect for my Fambam malling earlier. I wore an inner bandeau for my under wear not to be seen. Just so you know!



It’s a sheer top.. YES! But it’s not like those sheer tops with a rough clothing. Okay, I cant explain it properly but this one’s a cotton piece of clothing so you don’t have to worry if its too hot because it would absorb your sweat though?



DIY Studded shorts

Is this really appropriate for malling? For me it’s a yes! It’s not too revealing. Believe me. My shorts are a Highwaisted one, it’s just that, I lifted my arm in the other photos that’s why my tummy showed up. Haha!


Wore a simple black and white outfit because I was in a hurry earlier. I dressed up when everybody was finished already so I grabbed the ones I know that suits together. Yay or Nay?



Sponsored Beaded Cat Ears headband from @anythingwired8


I think this Beaded Cat Ears headband matched the whole outfit because my shorts has it’s silver cross studs so it kinda compliment the whole look. Just so you know, I’ve worn this headband inside the mall and everyone was like… staring at me for a second and I just smiled back at them. Well, maybe for them I look stupid with it but for me.. It’s FASHION. Haha! I knooooow right :p



Left: Black Bracelet from @easyfinds; Right: Studded Watch from @etzyhub

How do you like my HD photos? I tried using my SLR for these. I know these ones are better than using my iPad for my outfit photos. But I find it a hassle in uploading because I need to sync it on my laptop and it’s very time consuming but whatever, I love blogging and I want to be better in this.

Tell me your thoughts?



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Tag A Trend x Tripanista


You are wondering what it is I am going to blog about now. Yeah I know.. Both of these starts with a “T” but that’s just not the similarities of these two. You want me to spill it now? Okay, okay here it is!


I was featured in both of these sites and I’m considering these as one of my achievements already. You can say that it is somehow a shallow reason for me to be so happy and grateful about these but mind you, even if you only sign up and send your photos here, it is still a risk for you to be featured on it coz a lot of people are sending their entries! And I am just too lucky to be a part of it.

Here’s my entry for Tag A Trend

Well simple things like these makes me happy already. I was like on a cloud nine when I saw 2 of my photos at the home page of Tag A Trend for like 2 or 3 days straight. Yaaaay! You could’ve just imagine my face whenever I visit Tag A Trend (!!!!!)


PLUS!! I am so touched because my Blog sponsor was so “proud” that their masterpiece was featured. I am talking about the Flower Crown they sent me just before my Vacay with my family.


So about Tripanista, my Second Blog Feature, I was shocked earlier because by the time I woke up, they emailed and tweeted me that they have featured me already!!!! My morning was indeed complete immediately.

Here’s my entry for Tripanista

I didn’t blog about this look here so if you want to see the whole outfit and the beautiful place I’ve been to, Visit! I tweaked my blog a lil last night and I was able to put the Badge of Tripanista here on my blog. Look for it at the Lower left side corner! Yaaaaay!

PS: Going to blog about a New Look right after this post. Stay tuned!!


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Neon Dream x Pico de Loro


Entitled this post a “Neon Dream” because I am planning to send these outfit photos at Tag a Trend. Just so you know, my Slice Me outfit was featured last week for their Totes Amaze Trend. (Will blog about it tomorrow)

I was shocked and at the same time very lucky to know that their Week’s New trend is all about Neon. And you know how much I love neon right? So when we went out on a Vacay, I made sure I have with me my Own Summer Essentials….. Neon things!


I wore Neon on Neon on the beach. Okay that was just too many “ON” haha. But yeah, my swim suit was in Leopard print with a hint of Neon and my Cover up was Neon as well. I find it cool though and I think it suits together and didn’t clashed at all.




Edited this photo because I want you guys to see the real Neon color of my cover up. You’ll see the real photo here…


As much as I want to upload all the photos… I know you’ll get tired looking at them because I have a…. LOT. Hihi.


Mind you, we weren’t complete yet on these photos! Haha. We really are a BIG family. Literally. Joke.


Ending this post with a photo with our Good Family Friend, “Boss Ramil” who accompanied and toured us in Pico de Loro. He isn’t reading my blog (I guess) but I would just like to thank him for being so kind and generous! Haha.

PS: One last blog post guys!! I know you’re all sick of our Vacay photos! Hahaha. Love you guys!!


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