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Unplanned Day


Well, I guess this was my mantra together with my friend Paulalyn the whole day! We felt like we were both totally awesome so our day really went oh so well. Don’t believe me? Follow us on Instagram…. especially on Keek for crazy things we did earlier!!! It’s @mspaulazee / @aizelyy. I swear, you don’t want to miss it! Haha. Lemme just tell you a quick trip we had; We went to PSID (Phil. School of Interior Design) I sat in Paulalyn’s class lol haha. Then High Street for our Lunch at IHOP. We got bored so we went to Greenbelt after. We even promised not to shop!! But..

Okay for my outfit now.. You won’t believe me either that this was a last minute outfit… Plus the spiked cap? We we’re just hanging around Greenbelt 3 (I guess) that we decided to check Call it Spring coz we thought that it’s the fave shop of our fave bloggers. And voila!! After 5mins.. We were buying the spiked cap already. That quick!! We were love at first sight! I bought the black one coz Paulalyn FORCED me too.. Just kidding and she bought the Beige one. Check out her blog:



Call it Spring spiked cap
It’s all about the spiked cap so I’m sorry for the No-face-photos. Haha. You know how much I love spikes and studs so this one was really an impulsive buy!



@etzyhub Brown studded watch


@stayclassy Denim Vest; Forever21 Sandals

Divided by H&M top; Skater skirt gifted by @sachiix

This day was really unplanned tho! My friend and I just thought of having lunch but we ended up mall-kinda-hopping lol and taking outfit shots because of the cap! (I told you the cap was the high light of ze day! Haha!) Anyway couldn’t you agree with me more that unplanned bonding are way way better than those planned? Yup! And oh, can I just say that I felt like I was Kryz Uy even just for a second because she has this kind of cap too! (Photos taken with iphone5. I’m sorry.. Okay I just had to ‘coz the quality seems like legit slr photos.)

PS: I do have more outfit post for you guys; My pre-birthday outfit and my birthday outfit. Expect it here on my blog within the week!
PPS: My Blog Birthday Giveaway is still on going. I’ll announce the winner on August 2, 2013 (Friday). If you haven’t join yet, you know what to do! 🙂 x



July 30, 2013 · 7:31 PM