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Plaid pattern


KEDS sneakers20140119-172853.jpg





@fpcloset Chain Necklace20140119-173027.jpg



Uniqlo Plaid top


Forever21 Studded shorts

Brrrrr! Still feeling it’s Christmas!!! How do you find this cold weather we’re experiencing? Haha! In my opinion, I’d rather have this cool weather than the hot weather we’re going to experience for the next few months! Haha! Agree??

Anyhoo, this would be the second time in a row that my family and I went to Tagaytay this year for the car’s blessing. We heard mass there and pigged out the usual. Hmm, I really have to say and claim (already) that this is going to be a lucky year for us!! (I’m just feeling it lol) As well as to your respective families too! *cross your fingers with me* Uhm, just to break all the mainstream of wearing those baggy cardigans, hoodies and sweatshirts in Tagaytay, I chose to wear a plaid polo that I was forced to buy because there was no stock of Red plaid polo though I have it in short sleeves already. Lol. I just really want to have the one with the long sleeves. Haha! Going back to my outfit, I really felt cold while wearing these! Twas not totally seen in the photos but I was freezing already. No joke. I admit it that I was wrong for not searching on the net on how cold it is still in Tagaytay and for taking the risk of pulling off a simple yet unique outfit! HAHA. But nevertheless, I still like the outcome of this ensemble because it’s another off my comfort zone. But one thing’s for sure, I’ve learned something new today and that is about taking the risk sometimes, makes you create new things and ideas to be able for you to share to others. I hope you like this outfit! Sorry for being MIA sometimes. I am just too busy coz I’m taking my 3 major subjects this term. I hope you don’t mind not squeezing in a blog post every week? 🙂 Tty all soon!! x


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Aztec x Houndstooth

Off Shoulder11Off Shoulder1Off Shoulder8Who would have thought that this Aztec top from @gangandglamour would matched this hounds-tooth printed skirt from @mixmatchshop well? I mean it really looked like a one piece dress! You know how much I love pairing printed tees and bottoms so much that’s why I am too giddy when I thought of pairing these two! Off Shoulder7@gangandglamour Aztec topOff Shoulder10 Off Shoulder9 Off Shoulder6@shadesoffashion costumized iPhone caseOff Shoulder4@bttmnl Booties

This isn’t really an off shoulder top but I made it look like one because I wanna give an attitude and oomph to the whole look! This ensemble kinda scream a good girl gone bad look or is it just me? Haha! I promise to break the streak of wearing a monochrome outfits though; But what’s good with this is that it isn’t plain hence a full of prints. To tell you honestly, I kinda felt that this look doesn’t seem to be “a look” really because I haven’t finished it off with a cute neon clutch or maybe a red matte lipstick. I guess I’d keep in mind that bags are also accessories and a part of the whole look. It’s just that I am in a hurry taking these shots that’s why I haven’t thought of it all.

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That vintage skater dress

Since the time I cut my hair short, I have been receiving good feed backs about it. They say it suits me well, I’m kinda blooming and it’s really the haircut appropriate for my age haha. But others.. They want my long hair back. But if I were to choose, I’d choose… BOTH hahaha. Idk but long or short, I wouldn’t mind because I make sure to have new ideas on how to style it. Anyway, I’m not saying these stuff just because I want to but twas because the people I was with earlier kept saying I looked good with this Vintage Skater dress I scored in the thrift shop last time. YUP! THIS ONE’S THRIFTED…. again!! (I’m sorry I just have to emphasize it coz me, myself couldn’t believe it too!! Haha) I actually do not like it at first because it’s too long for me, but Paula insisted that I should buy it coz it’s such a classic piece haha. And ya know.. Thank God for the person who invented belts!! hahaha. Problem solved! Right?


Sunnies from SM Kid’s FashionFlower3Flower6Flower15@Fabulousaph Neon NecklaceFlower13Sanrio Hello Kitty WatchFlower8Flower12Parisian FlatsFlower9Thrifted Skater Dress

I honestly felt matured in an instant with the dress! But I made sure to look age-appropriate hence all the pink accessories, shoes and the Hello Kitty watch I paired the dress with. It’s all about the balancing and I think somehow it worked! I’ve never tried wearing this type of dress before but because thrift shops got loads of vintage stuff, I think I might try more of this. You know, I’m not getting any younger… hahaha. I should get rid of those girly girl stuff sometimes and try new stuff every once in a while. So what do you think of this look? Hope to hear from ya’ll!

PS: Can I ask a bit of your time? Kindly help my friend by liking and sharing this photos on facebook. (photo1 and photo2) Please do like it. It would only take one or two minutes of your time though! Hihi. Thank you! x


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Web on my neck

It was my cousin’s 18th when I wore this simple blue dress… Oops! It wasn’t a dress though! Wait til you hear what I’m about to reveal hahaha. Hey! that ryhmed! lol. *drumroll* Do you have that kind of mind set when you mix and match whether an expensive nor an affordable piece to wear? Well, this whole blue ensemble was an example of that! I mean, I did not have the time to pick and buy a nice blue dress though I am out of the house like everyday. It’s just that whenever I am out, I couldn’t see an outfit that would perfectly fit my body type which is really annoying. I have that body type that sometimes I really look thin and sometimes… you know… FAT haha. But anyway that’s just not the case though. I couldn’t see an affordable outfit and when I say affordable, an outfit that wouldn’t cost me more than a thousand. hahaha. It’s practicality though! But there are exemptions whenever I buy. It’s depends on the event I would go to haha and in this case I would just wear it once for my cousin’s 18’th so I want it in affordable price. You wouldn’t want to repeat a dress in a diff party, right?


Landmark Chained BeltWeb10Web5People Are People Web topWeb6People Are People Orange stilettos

Did I let you wait that much? It’s honesty hour now lol. This would be my first time to tell you how much my outfit costs and I am feeling a bit awkward but excited at the same time! I promise that everything you read here on my blog are all real. No pretensions because what’s the use of blogging if you would just tell lies. haha but anyway.. Onto my outfit now…Web15Gifted Blue Skater Skirt Web11

Remember that this ensemble wasn’t a dress? What I wore was a midrib Web top that only costs 400php and it wasn’t even on sale! haha. It’s the regular price of the top. I told you earlier that I couldn’t find a simple yet nice dress to wear so this top really caught my attention. I automatically thought it would be a stand out! And it was! hihi. Plus I could still wear this top with a diff look!! Yay. Next thing was my Blue Skater Skirt gifted by my cousin, Sachi. I don’t know where and how much did it cost her but seeing it all over in online shops, skater skirts price ranges to 250php to 350php if I am not mistaken though? Overall, this look only cost 750pesos!!!! (shoes not included yet haha) This ensemble just looked like a dress because of the chained belt which was a good thing! Although it would be nice as well if I let the midrib do the talking! I mean.. Like.. hanging haha lol.

This just means that whether expensive or not it really is not that important! Maybe in some instances prices are needed but for me, it’s really how you dress and carry yourself well! Remember that it’s all about the styling and confidence you have to flaunt to let everybody see what you got!

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Triple that Denim

You’ll noticed that I have worn a lot of denim here on my blog haha. I seriously can’t get enough of them. Like for real! I have worn diff kind of denim since my pre-birthday celebration upto now! hahaha. You know the feeling that every denim that I see in the mall, I couldn’t resist but buy ’em even though I have the same design already… See I’m weird like that! I have told you last time that I love buying clothes with almost the same design or color haha. I should get rid of this habit.. it’s just not practical, right? Can you help me get rid of it, yes? 🙂


Swatch Blue WatchDenim1Landmark Denim Top; Thrifted ShortsDenim6Denim2Parisian Brown BootiesDenim5Denim8Denim7Denim Jacket borrowed from my cousin

Triple that denim was the title of this blog post because you know, while my cousin Sachi were taking these outfit shots last time, she was wearing a denim jacket just as the same as mine but I was too lazy to get it inside the house so I accidentally thought my outfit would have more attitude if I tie her denim jacket on my waist!! Guess what? I LOVED THE OUTFIT EVEN MORE!!! haha. The denim jacket gave an extra oomph to the whole look!! I loved how my brown booties stand out too! I really wore it to match my newly thrifted yeap! thrifted shorts with brown suede patches on the pockets! Whenever I see brown patches I automatically remember Mr. Bean! haha. Agree? Also, it was my first time to try the “tie-something-on-your-waist-look” and I guess I would be trying a lot of it soon!! But for now, I hope you liked my triple denim outfit! To tell you, it wasn’t so heavy wearing ’em all… Just a bit! hahaha kidding.

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Studded Denim

Happy Sweet 16 to me!! Yay, I hoped you guys had the chance to celebrate it with me. I mean, it would be a lot of fun if I was with all of my friends tho. haha. Hey! I’m not complaining! Good thing my Best Friend, Geena is always on the go so I had the time to spend my birthday with her! Plus, she was my photographer for a day!!! Anyhoo, giving you a quick tour of the place where I had my simple birthday lunch!

Birthday21Birthday10Birthday14 Birthday18I chose this place because the interiors are so young, lovely and dainty!! I turned nineteen last July 29,2013 and I do not want to feel that I am really old already, hence the place! hahaha. Well, Stacy’s won for letting me feel like a child again.. even for a little while! lol proof that I don’t want to be nineteen!! Can I be 16 FOREVER?

What I find cute with Stacy’s, was they served costumers/us some complementary popcorn to munch on so we wouldn’t be annoyed and bored while waiting for the food! Way to go Stacy’s lol. For the record, the food was good. I mean.. you know, just the typical food you’ll find everywhere. Not those kind with different taste of “something” haha can’t really explain it though. But twas kinda.. sorta.. tasty! hahaha. Well plus points because the rice was so cute!!! Heart shape, even!


Complimentary Popcorn

FoodHooray for the simple yet sorta yummy food! lol. Let’s now criticized what I wore. Oh please, don’t! hahaha. I’m such a weirdo 😦

Birthday7Birthday5Forever21 sandals; @etzyhub Brown Studded Watch

Birthday8SM accessories Braided Brown Belt

Birthday6Forever21 Dress

Birthday9Birthday24 Birthday23Birthday23Aichelyyy

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How To Style: Denim Top

Part II


Remember the time I’m quite into “trademarks”? Haha. Anyhoo, this is the draft post I’ve been wanting to post 2 months ago and I do not know why didn’t I post this one. lol but I’d be very quick with this post since you already saw me wearing this mint aztec skirt last time. Part II of How To Style: Denim Top, baby! Yay!

16Primadonna Neon Wedges

30@Awesomefindsss Neon skull bracelet

8@Classiqueapparel shades


Online Shop Aztec Skirt; @etzyhub Brown studded watch2317

Well, need I say more? Denim and aztec print never fails to amaze me whenever I pair them! I won’t elaborate on that anymore coz these photos should do justice and explanation for my outfit. Also, this is, I guess the second time around that I have paired pastel and neon. The first one was this post “New Experience”. I am quite getting the hang of pairing pastel and neon maybe I could give you more looks of that combo soon!


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