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Ho ho ho

Starting off by greeting you a merry merry Christmas as well as to your families!

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that my Family and I loves to be color coded on Christmas or whenever we go out on Sundays. Last year we wear something orange and this year we wore something Purple! It was stated that is the color of the year so we gave in! It’s just that, I for one, struggled hard in looking for a nice purple top or a dress even! My outfit was a last minute and I couldn’t be happier when I saw this in Forever21.

Some people may find color coded lame but for us it’s too cute to be in one! Why not try it with your respective families too?









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All blue everything

Christmas shopping is in the air! So I wore a very comfortable outfit because I know that I would be fitting a lot and I would be moving non stop.

From the last post I’ve published, this kind of skirt seemed familiar. Last time, I wore a mermaid skirt from Zara and now I’m wearing this one from @gangandglamour. You can’t blame me for not just having one of this kind. It’s too unique not to have more! Haha.








Top and skirt from @gangandgalmour

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Likable pineapple

The title says it all! If the trend earlier this year was sunflower print, name it: may it be top, shorts, skirt, flats, sneakers and all that! Sunflower prints were just around the corner that time and well, up to now. I personally love sunflower print, more like addicted to it actually. (My friends & boyfriend can attest to this! Haha!) But of course, being a girl is so hard sometimes. You would always like everything… LIKE EVERYTHING that becomes the latest trends. You would also have a lot of favorite pieces that sometimes you would not know which ones are your “real” favorite. Haha! I’m telling you, if you’re like me, I could love a thing in a snap and love the other in a second at the same time! I mean, I love sunflower print but when @gangandglamour sent me this Pineapple top…. WAIT I think I just got a new favorite print.. Haha! I know, it’s so likable that girls, even guys, loved it very much plus it’s the trend right now.

@gangandglamour Pineapple Top


Forever21 Blue Flats


Zara SkirtIMG_0561.JPG

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Aztec x Houndstooth

Off Shoulder11Off Shoulder1Off Shoulder8Who would have thought that this Aztec top from @gangandglamour would matched this hounds-tooth printed skirt from @mixmatchshop well? I mean it really looked like a one piece dress! You know how much I love pairing printed tees and bottoms so much that’s why I am too giddy when I thought of pairing these two! Off Shoulder7@gangandglamour Aztec topOff Shoulder10 Off Shoulder9 Off Shoulder6@shadesoffashion costumized iPhone caseOff Shoulder4@bttmnl Booties

This isn’t really an off shoulder top but I made it look like one because I wanna give an attitude and oomph to the whole look! This ensemble kinda scream a good girl gone bad look or is it just me? Haha! I promise to break the streak of wearing a monochrome outfits though; But what’s good with this is that it isn’t plain hence a full of prints. To tell you honestly, I kinda felt that this look doesn’t seem to be “a look” really because I haven’t finished it off with a cute neon clutch or maybe a red matte lipstick. I guess I’d keep in mind that bags are also accessories and a part of the whole look. It’s just that I am in a hurry taking these shots that’s why I haven’t thought of it all.

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Pop of pink

Pop1Pop9Forever21 Top; @fpcloset Chain NecklacePop7Divi Origami Shorts; Forever21 beltPop3Parisian Studded bag; Ichigo FlatsPop10Swatch Watch

Here’s what I wore last Sunday when my Family and I went to the mall. It was just in time when this studded cap from @fpcloset arrived. Yup! Happens to me all the time. It was like it came in the mail just for me to wear it and pair it with my whole look! It was just simple ensemble til I got to wear the cap though. What do you think guys? Haha! Lol but I really felt sexy (whoooahh) while wearing these inside the mall. Everyone was sorta staring at me ’cause I think I wore a bit of a daring outfit? (that rhymed. lol) But that doesn’t stop me from shopping inside though I was quite pissed off with some people haha. I just thought of a brighter side that they loved my outfit instead. Bohooo! We have that “thinking” of dress to impress so I guess those people who kept on staring were impressed? Well, I hope so! I hope you like this simple look. x

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Sunday Dress

Oh, before I forgot Happy Father’s day to your awesome Dads, guys! I know it’s a late greeting but better late than never, right? Hahaha. I hope you had a great time celebrating it last Sunday though! Anyway, I am so into black and white pieces recently. It’s because it so effortless and you need not to put so much for it to stand out. Just like this dress I have worn. Find out and see how I styled it!


@etzyhub Brown Studded WatchIMG_0208

Lissa Kahayon’s Shoes (Blogger’s United 5)

IMG_0212 IMG_0213IMG_0231 IMG_0232

SM Dept. Store Dress; SM Accessories Belt

Since it’s Sunday, I really opted to wear a dress for the mass! I’m loving how this simple white dress turned into “something”. The leopard print wedges that I bought last BU5 from Top Blogger Lissa Kahayon seemed too perfect for this look! Lol. It gaveso much  edge to this white crisp dress. Can you tell? And ohhh, can I just say that I bought it for a very cheeeeeap price?! Whatta score! and it’s from Jellybean you guys! hahaha. I was really happy the day I bought it because.. Look.. It is so Me!! Yay! OA much? haha.

Going back,  I didn’t find it so boring and it took the whole outfit into another level! Oh well, what prints can do to outfits like this. Plus I kept it really neutral and classy by wearing a gold accent belt and my brown studded watch. Gold and Brown? Not bad huh? lol. I can really say that.. LESS IS MORE.

More black and white outfits soon!! x

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Tag A Trend x Tripanista


You are wondering what it is I am going to blog about now. Yeah I know.. Both of these starts with a “T” but that’s just not the similarities of these two. You want me to spill it now? Okay, okay here it is!


I was featured in both of these sites and I’m considering these as one of my achievements already. You can say that it is somehow a shallow reason for me to be so happy and grateful about these but mind you, even if you only sign up and send your photos here, it is still a risk for you to be featured on it coz a lot of people are sending their entries! And I am just too lucky to be a part of it.

Here’s my entry for Tag A Trend

Well simple things like these makes me happy already. I was like on a cloud nine when I saw 2 of my photos at the home page of Tag A Trend for like 2 or 3 days straight. Yaaaay! You could’ve just imagine my face whenever I visit Tag A Trend (!!!!!)


PLUS!! I am so touched because my Blog sponsor was so “proud” that their masterpiece was featured. I am talking about the Flower Crown they sent me just before my Vacay with my family.


So about Tripanista, my Second Blog Feature, I was shocked earlier because by the time I woke up, they emailed and tweeted me that they have featured me already!!!! My morning was indeed complete immediately.

Here’s my entry for Tripanista

I didn’t blog about this look here so if you want to see the whole outfit and the beautiful place I’ve been to, Visit Tripanista.com! I tweaked my blog a lil last night and I was able to put the Badge of Tripanista here on my blog. Look for it at the Lower left side corner! Yaaaaay!

PS: Going to blog about a New Look right after this post. Stay tuned!!


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