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Warby Parker: You’re getting warmer~SPRING Collection

Starting this post by sharing you that I really have a thing for sunnies! I kinda have a collection of it and they are one of my fave go to pieces. Whenever I feel lazy dressing up and putting my make up on I just wear any pair of my sunnies and I am good to go! It just instantly gives me confidence and the perfect finished of my whole outfit! That is why I am really in great awe when I heard about Warby Parker.

Warby Parker is a US based shop specifically in New York that sells refreshed classic vintage-style eyewears. They are known for their handcrafted frames using only the finest custom materials, and takes several weeks to produce from initial cut through polishing. Plus they are launching their new sunnies collection today; March 18, which is their SPRING Collection: The SPECTRUM Sun Collection which I would be discussing further in a few.


PIPER Revolver Black


MINNIE Eucalyptus

MINNIE Striped Sassafras

DEAN English Oak

PIPER Woodland Tortoise
SPECTRUM_HALL_2HALL Whiskey Tortoise

Those are just some of the Spectrum Sun Collection. As you can see, they’re not your usual sunnies because of it’s vintage-y feels whenever you got to wear ’em! They have it’s own unique style, print and very polished and sleek design.Spectrum_gradient_HALLhall-sun-cherry-blossom-top

HALL Cherry Blossom


To top it all, Warby Parker is not selling because they are “just selling”. They are still very active in the business because they always think of quality not quantity of their product that is why they have lots of costumers going back just to get themselves a pair. Not only that, they have this thing so called “BUY A PAIR, GIVE A PAIR”; whenever someone buys a pair of their sunnies they provide affordable pair to someone who are in need! Awesome right? You are not just buying for yourself; you are also helping others!

Going back to what would be my favourite in this collection: It’s probably the last pair of sunnies which name is HALL Cherry Blossom. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love all the sunnies in this SPRING collection but this one really caught my attention. It is not just the colour that I really liked but also the size and shape of the sunnies and as well as the style of how the lens are not so dark. Those are the things that I am considering when buying a pair and I think I already found the one!! It’s very rare to find this kind so I might as well get myself a pair and it would be very timing with my beach adventures this summer!! I cannot wait!



Do good: www.warbyparker.com/do-good/#home


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Last but not the “last”

4Topshop Dress2Cotton On Hat12Primadonna Flatforms5@armparty White necklace; @fpcloset Gold necklace689
You’re probably wondering about my blog post title! Well it’s because this isn’t the last outfit for 2013. I have so much backlogs and I haven’t blog ALL about it yet because my family and I kept going out!! 10
But going back to my outfit this is what I am wearing for New Year’s Eve. I believe that this dress with daisy flower prints could pass as an alternative to a polka dotted outfit for New Year? Haha! If you’re lost and does not get what I’m saying I’m actually referring to a “Chinese Tradition” (???) of wearing polka dotted clothes for you to be lucky the whole year!! Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what I know. lol. So instead of joining the mainstream with all that, I’ve thought of wearing an #ootd which is modern about all those traditions of being lucky! Flowers have dots and circles, right? HAHA (let’s push that) lol. I still hope I’d still be blessed for 2014 with this outfit!! But I seriously can’t wait what is in-stored for me for the coming new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Have a blessed year ahead! x

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Not enough

If you are following me on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram, you would know that I have been shopping for like weeks already and believe it or not, I am forcing myself not to!! Hehe but you know the feeling of having a lot of new clothes and still those aren’t enough yet? I mean, in my case I can really feel that what I bought the past weeks weren’t enough coz I all I bought were black top, black skirts, black dresses, black shoes and many more blacks!! I JUST DO NOT KNOW WHY. Is it really Christmas? Haha if not black, I’m always buying clothes in my fave color which is Orange btw. lol. So don’t judge if I’ll be blogging a LOT of black ensemble the following weeks!! I can’t wait for you to see it though! 🙂 But for the mean time, here’s what I wore earlier:

IMG_2088@awesomefindsss Cross TopNot enough8Not enough2Parisian Studded Bag; Gifted SkirtNot enough5 Not enough6 Not enough7@etzyhub Black Studded WatchNot enough4@classiqueapparel Black Matte Sunnies

I have this top that @awesomefindsss sent me months ago and it was just earlier that I took it out for a spin!And again and again, I can’t get enough of print on print patterns but at least these didn’t clash that much. Twas because the print of the top is bigger than the prints of the skirt! I must say that this ensemble was kind of a risk because my Mom and sisters does not like it so much haha! But because this look was stuck in my mind this past few days, I gave it a try still. Not bad right? Plus I am really sorry if you would see me in Black, White, Black and White ensemble in the coming weeks! Don’t worry though! I got loads of ideas on how you’re going to style all of ’em!

PS: I have received emails from 2 new blog sponsors just a few minutes ago and I said YES to both because I loved their stuff and the shop as well!! I know I shouldn’t be sharing these to you but YOU guys are the reason why these non stop blessings are all coming to my way! CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH! #cheeseballs

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How To Style: Denim Top

Part II


Remember the time I’m quite into “trademarks”? Haha. Anyhoo, this is the draft post I’ve been wanting to post 2 months ago and I do not know why didn’t I post this one. lol but I’d be very quick with this post since you already saw me wearing this mint aztec skirt last time. Part II of How To Style: Denim Top, baby! Yay!

16Primadonna Neon Wedges

30@Awesomefindsss Neon skull bracelet

8@Classiqueapparel shades


Online Shop Aztec Skirt; @etzyhub Brown studded watch2317

Well, need I say more? Denim and aztec print never fails to amaze me whenever I pair them! I won’t elaborate on that anymore coz these photos should do justice and explanation for my outfit. Also, this is, I guess the second time around that I have paired pastel and neon. The first one was this post “New Experience”. I am quite getting the hang of pairing pastel and neon maybe I could give you more looks of that combo soon!


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Over Dressed


Okay so the title says it all! I was kind of over dressed in the party I attended to and I was so ashamed after I see all the girls that are just wearing simple outfits like Muscle tees, Tank Tops and dresses.

I am not bragging about my outfit though so don’t get me wrong. For my opinion I was sort of over dress which was not good. I “feel’ (just a feeling) like everyone was looking at me that’s why I couldn’t go to the comfort room or get a food properly. Good thing I have my gorgeous friends with so my shyness went off a little.


So enough for my issues. Lesson learned. But you can’t blame me because the themed was a Pool party so I wore this White Off Shoulder top that @xoxosupply sent me weeks ago before the party. So I thought of wearing it but to my surprise…. Okay not again. Hahaha!


I also wore my New Ombre shorts I bought online to broke the Neutral-“ness” of my top (lol if there’s such a word) and just to be more appropriate because a Pool party = colorful.


Sponsored Top by @xoxosupply


Sponsored Flower Crown from @anythingwired8

Until now I am still thinking I should’ve wore a simple tank top instead so I didn’t feel shameful for the whole time. Haha! But seriously, the real outfit that was on my mind was a floral dress but I know many would wear that so I stick with this…….. Wait I’ll name it.. My shameful outfit. Lol.





Shoes same as Anne Curtis’ haha LOL.

Even if I thought I was over dressed, it was a good thing that I didn’t wore any accessories to match the whole look because if I do…. uh-ohh. But yeah, I wanted the attention to be on my top.

If you are wearing this kind of Tops don’t wear any accessories just to let people see how pretty your outfit. An eye catching shorts or pants would do already! And of course a nice pair of flats.


And yes I love my flower crown so much because it was like meant for every outfit I wear. But still, even though it suits the whole outfit, I didn’t have the guts to wear it in party coz when the party started the debutante was also wearing one. So just imagine my face guys…. Yeah. Hahahaha. But I apologize to her about my outfit and stuff and she was joking and greeting me a Happy Birthday instead of me greeting her. Funny right? It was no big deal for her but for me…. it was.. sort of. Hehe.


PS: I have so much outfits to show to you guys. Can’t wait to blog about ’em!! Yaaay! Keep reading!






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Denim On Denim


I really don’t have that Trademark thingy when it comes to putting title on my Photo. Just like this one! Haha. I keep on changing it and it kinda annoys me. Yes, kinda. Haha! So if you have some comments and suggestions about putting a trademark on my photo, you might as well comment it below this blog post. Yay!


Online Shop Denim Top

On to my outfit now. I don’t usually wear Denim on Denim clothing but I gave it a try just to see if I could pull it off. What do you think of it guys?


@Trendmanila Gold Necklace

These two denim clothing aren’t in the same color but luckily they look really great on the photos! It was like they were made for each other. Okay. I’m over reacting again. Haha! But seriously, I loved how they went well. I was inspired by Kryz Uy’s blog post on her “Denim on Denim” look as well. I just don’t know if that’s really the title but her version was in Pants.


DIY distressed shorts

While blogging now, I noticed that I look like a scavenger with my whole look. Dont you think? Acid Denim Top plus my DIY distressed shorts… Instant beggar outfit. Haha! Corny jokes agaaaain. But yeah, I paired these two because it kinda make my outfit look like a romper. A denim romper I must say.


Sponsored Black Studded Watch by @Eztyhub

I kept my accessories simple and classy by adding the hints of Gold and Black bracelets and necklace. You can never go wrong with Gold and Black combo, I tell you! That’s why for my Denim on Denim look to stand out more, I wore this chunky Gold necklace to match other accessories as well. This one’s a perfect outfit for chilling and malling with you Friends or maybe with your boyfriend too?


Landmark Cat Eye Sunnies (same as Anne Curtis’. Hihi. LOL)


Gold and Black bracelets from @Trendmanila; “Blogger” wired bracelet from @Ambriels Box

If you want to see a closer look of my Gold and Black armparty, follow me on instagram. @aizelyy. I posted it there! Yaaaay!



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