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Things You Will Realize in Your Twenties

You do not just grow old everyday and learn nothing right? You would always have something to discover nor find out whether within yourself or with every thing that is happening in your life. As I would be turning a year older tomorrow, I would want to share some of the things I have learned and realized on being Twen-teen: (hehe) 
@classiqueapparel sunnies

1. Confusion

There would be a time that you would feel confused and uncertain with every thing. You would always have a lot of choices, like to make the right decisions, take the right course, to be on the right time and place with the right people and every thing RIGHT that would make you go crazy.


@huemanila flats

2. Nothing is constant

…may it be with the things you don’t want to let go and the people around you that you don’t want to leave. Everything come and go. You just have to learn how to let go and deal with it.

3. True friends would stay in your life (no matter what)

I have to admit that I don’t have a lot of friends. I do have 10 friends (or more) before, but only the TRUE ones stayed. I mean, I do not regret having just two. After all, It’s about the quality not the quantity. And I preferred it this way; I can really count on them through anything plus they always got my back. Though, sometimes I find it hard….when it comes to throwing a party. Because…you know.. You can’t throw a party with just two friends. Haha! Kidding!  


 4. You need money… for everything
Some people thought that it is wrong to think that money can buy happiness… But honestly speaking, it REALLY can; You want to have quality food, you want to have a wardrobe like Serena Vanderwoodsen & the Kardashians, you want to go on a cruise and travel with your friends and lastly you want to see the world. So basically, money can buy happiness (but not all the time)

 H&M layered necklace
5. Realistic

Even if you have your ambitions and goals in life, you have to become realistic; that not all your dreams may come true. You may plan everything beforehand but it may not fall into place. Of course, you do not stop there. You have a lot of options to choose from. You just have to choose well and be determined to reach every goal you want to achieve. 


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3 things you don’t know about me

It has been what? 7 months after my last blog post and I want to apologized for being MIA though. Mind you, 3 months ago was my (super-duper) hectic sched because it was my last academic term and twas not a joke having a full load term plus having your Practicum-01 as well. I’m glad I passed all my subjects and made it to Practi-02 which is what I’m currently taking but I would be making a separate blogpost for it though. For now, I wanted to share some or should I say three (3) things you do not know about me:  
   Zara Shirt; H&M Layered necklace

1. I’ll ALWAYS have a room for dessert

I love sweets! Every one has their sweet tooth but mine can’t just get enough of sweets. My body says it all. Lol. Like really… I mean, I am more of dessert-type-of-person when it comes to eating in a buffet resto or anywhere we dine. It’s like I am forced to eat my “real” meal first before ordering a lot of dessert. Haha! Or I’d go to the nearest Starbucks if needed. I (always) want to satisfy my craving. Yup.                  Uniqlo Jeans

2. Shopaholic

Family and friends could attest to this. I do not need to say more. I’m currently “forcing” myself not to buy things that are not needed… But I think I am failing! (Oh no!)               H&M slip on; @classiqueapparel sunnies

3. I do not know how to commute (Don’t judge)

Well, I know how but it is like a selective thing for me. My Mom and Dad used to drive me to school back then. I only commute when I go home. Here’s the thing, I first knew how when I entered college. It is commuting by a cab (lol) or a train. The LRT, I must say! I has been my bestfriend for 2 years only haha because on my third year, my Mom used to drive me to and from school though. And now, on my fourth year, My Dad taught me how to commute by the UV express huhu #babyfeels He used to come with me every morning just for me to learn and then eventually I somehow overcame my fear of (people) and being alone. Yes. I’m that weird. 

I wanted to share more but you’ll get bored of it already. If you’d notice, this blog post of mine is way too different from the past posts I have shared with you because now, I think, I want my readers to know a part of me and not just the clothes I am wearing every time. I’m reminding you that this isn’t a post just to brag or what.. I hope you enjoyed reading and I guess I would be doing more of this.



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All blue everything

Christmas shopping is in the air! So I wore a very comfortable outfit because I know that I would be fitting a lot and I would be moving non stop.

From the last post I’ve published, this kind of skirt seemed familiar. Last time, I wore a mermaid skirt from Zara and now I’m wearing this one from @gangandglamour. You can’t blame me for not just having one of this kind. It’s too unique not to have more! Haha.








Top and skirt from @gangandgalmour

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Likable pineapple

The title says it all! If the trend earlier this year was sunflower print, name it: may it be top, shorts, skirt, flats, sneakers and all that! Sunflower prints were just around the corner that time and well, up to now. I personally love sunflower print, more like addicted to it actually. (My friends & boyfriend can attest to this! Haha!) But of course, being a girl is so hard sometimes. You would always like everything… LIKE EVERYTHING that becomes the latest trends. You would also have a lot of favorite pieces that sometimes you would not know which ones are your “real” favorite. Haha! I’m telling you, if you’re like me, I could love a thing in a snap and love the other in a second at the same time! I mean, I love sunflower print but when @gangandglamour sent me this Pineapple top…. WAIT I think I just got a new favorite print.. Haha! I know, it’s so likable that girls, even guys, loved it very much plus it’s the trend right now.

@gangandglamour Pineapple Top


Forever21 Blue Flats


Zara SkirtIMG_0561.JPG

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Thrift Shop

” Hey, Macklemore can we go thrift shopping?” Haha lol. How cool would it be if I could have the chance to go thrift shopping with Macklemore? Coolness level 100!!! And what if I was also in their Music Video the “Thrift Shop?” You would see me in hip hop clothes and dancing with Macklemore… hahaha okay enough with those daydreaming thingy! If you do not get what I am saying I’m gonna share you the song “Thrift Shop” which I’ve been LSS with the past couple of days.

“I am stunting and flossing and saving my money and I am halla happy! That’s a bargain, b!…….”

I hope you got to watch the video though! Some lyrics of the song really fits with what I am wearing. Are you wondering yet with all these stuff I am saying? Well it was because the Denim romper I wore today was one of my thrift finds when my friend Paulalyn and I went to a Thrift shop somewhere in Quezon City (I guess) haha.

Thrift8Thrifted Denim Overall
Thrift6Call it Spring Spiked Cap

Thrift4Thrift12Parisian Small Studded BagThrift13@Littlenook Diamond Print Top

Thrift16Parisian Catface Flats


Thrift14Wait, have you overlooked my Denim romper? haha. Believe it or not this one’s thrifted!! I was really eager to buy one since it started popping out all over my timeline on instagram and in the mall. Good thing I love thirft shopping and I am kinda patient looking for what I wanted, hence this romper! You would notice that all the fashion trends in the past are all coming back now. Which are all advantage to us teenagers so that we could experience and try the ones they wore back then, agree? Because in my case, I am loving it all!! I am not complaining though the other “come-back-clothes” are quite hard to find. Lol. But I have this mind set that whatever is coming back, the thrift shop’s got it all for me! hahaha. (tagline ang peg?) LOL.

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Explore, Exploring, Explored

Today I got to explore Intramuros and Fort Santiago more!! I mean I’ve been there and explored it a little when I was… Wait lemme think hahaha.. still in grade school? I’m not sure tho but it’s been ages since I last visited the said places. If some of you doens’t know what and where it is located.. Intramuros is the oldest district and historic place of Manila, the capital of the Philippines; It’s also known as the Walled City; the original fortified city of Manila was the seat of the Spanish government during the Spanish colonial period. ( courtesy of Yahoo!) Anyway, I am not your Literature teacher so I won’t elaborate on that anymore! Haha.



@littlenook Peephole Top


@littlenook Origami Shorts; Parisian Studded Bag
Parisian Catface Flats

Call it Spring Spiked Cap



@etzyhub Studded Watch
If you are wondering why I went here.. Well twas because I’m bored!!! Haha. Kidding! I accompanied my friend, Paula for her project in school. I guess we were done early that is why while exploring the whole place, we thought of.. you know fitting in some outfit shots! Haha. Hashtag things you do for the love of blogging! Lol. As you can see in the photos, the sun was really striking because we took these around 2 in the afternoon! I couldn’t bare the hotness but the place was too pretty not to take photos with! Right? I suggest that if you have some spare time, visit Intramuros or Fort Santiago and you won’t regret a thing! Pinky promise! wink!

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New experience!


Just try to look at my face above. I was that happy when my mind was set that my friends and I would go to Milky & Sunny. But it turned out we didn’t! Instead.. We tried Alex III! It was my first time there!… Okay that was the New experience I am talking about my title. I mean.. A new food experience! haha. My friend came late so we had to go to a nearer place. Alex III is located in Wilson if I am not mistaken. Can I just say that all the food were delish!! We ordered different types of bbq chicken because that was their best seller! To make it short.. All of it were tasty and yummy!! Must try!! I am not being biased here just because I super love fried chicken… lol

6G3GLandmark Belt; @etzyhub Black studded watch


@classiqueapparel shades; H & M ribbon earring

8GLandmark Top and Neon Pants


Tomato Studded Bag; Parisian Flats

I was in awe when I saw that Gray and Neon would looked well together.. Well at least for me. It’s because my top is in neutral color that is why I did not hesitate to pair it with my neon pants. I just added a ribbon earring and black belt with gold accents for my outfit not to be so simple and boring! You don’t usually see me wearing earrings here on my blog but this H & M earring that my aunt sent me was an exception! Though fancy accessories irritates my ear, I still gave it a try!

What do you think of this look? I would love to hear from you! x

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