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Things You Will Realize in Your Twenties

You do not just grow old everyday and learn nothing right? You would always have something to discover nor find out whether within yourself or with every thing that is happening in your life. As I would be turning a year older tomorrow, I would want to share some of the things I have learned and realized on being Twen-teen: (hehe) 
@classiqueapparel sunnies

1. Confusion

There would be a time that you would feel confused and uncertain with every thing. You would always have a lot of choices, like to make the right decisions, take the right course, to be on the right time and place with the right people and every thing RIGHT that would make you go crazy.


@huemanila flats

2. Nothing is constant

…may it be with the things you don’t want to let go and the people around you that you don’t want to leave. Everything come and go. You just have to learn how to let go and deal with it.

3. True friends would stay in your life (no matter what)

I have to admit that I don’t have a lot of friends. I do have 10 friends (or more) before, but only the TRUE ones stayed. I mean, I do not regret having just two. After all, It’s about the quality not the quantity. And I preferred it this way; I can really count on them through anything plus they always got my back. Though, sometimes I find it hard….when it comes to throwing a party. Because…you know.. You can’t throw a party with just two friends. Haha! Kidding!  


 4. You need money… for everything
Some people thought that it is wrong to think that money can buy happiness… But honestly speaking, it REALLY can; You want to have quality food, you want to have a wardrobe like Serena Vanderwoodsen & the Kardashians, you want to go on a cruise and travel with your friends and lastly you want to see the world. So basically, money can buy happiness (but not all the time)

 H&M layered necklace
5. Realistic

Even if you have your ambitions and goals in life, you have to become realistic; that not all your dreams may come true. You may plan everything beforehand but it may not fall into place. Of course, you do not stop there. You have a lot of options to choose from. You just have to choose well and be determined to reach every goal you want to achieve. 


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New york, new york!

If you got to read my past blog post you’d know that the city I like to go the most (when I’ve the chance) is New York City in United States. But that would be after 5 years or more haha! Well, I hope so!! So yeah, New York it is hence the top from @awesomefindsss! Stripey 2StripeyStripey 12@awesomefindsss NY TopStripey 4 Stripey 7 Stripey 10@fpcloset Chained necklaces
Stripey 5@samsstation Striped leggings; @bttmnl booties

Though New York is known for the most populous city in US, I’d still looooooove to go ’cause it is where all dreams are made of! LOL sing with me haha. My humor, please! haha! But seriously speaking, even if it seen as a “concrete jungle” because of the modern buildings that is perceived as dangerous and unpleasant, it just means that there are a lot and intense competition and struggle for survival. I mean, New York is not New York without competitions! It’s either you strive for your survival or you’d fail. One example of it is, ya know their “Fashion sense!” As far as I can see in the movies and all over the web, all the people living there are VERY fashionable! They love mixing and matching prints on their looks which I always admire; they also love adding twist to their outfits that’s why each and every outfit is unique!! I just really hoped I’d have the chance to fly to NY to experience and witness all those!!! (soon)

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New experience!


Just try to look at my face above. I was that happy when my mind was set that my friends and I would go to Milky & Sunny. But it turned out we didn’t! Instead.. We tried Alex III! It was my first time there!… Okay that was the New experience I am talking about my title. I mean.. A new food experience! haha. My friend came late so we had to go to a nearer place. Alex III is located in Wilson if I am not mistaken. Can I just say that all the food were delish!! We ordered different types of bbq chicken because that was their best seller! To make it short.. All of it were tasty and yummy!! Must try!! I am not being biased here just because I super love fried chicken… lol

6G3GLandmark Belt; @etzyhub Black studded watch


@classiqueapparel shades; H & M ribbon earring

8GLandmark Top and Neon Pants


Tomato Studded Bag; Parisian Flats

I was in awe when I saw that Gray and Neon would looked well together.. Well at least for me. It’s because my top is in neutral color that is why I did not hesitate to pair it with my neon pants. I just added a ribbon earring and black belt with gold accents for my outfit not to be so simple and boring! You don’t usually see me wearing earrings here on my blog but this H & M earring that my aunt sent me was an exception! Though fancy accessories irritates my ear, I still gave it a try!

What do you think of this look? I would love to hear from you! x

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