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Ho ho ho

Starting off by greeting you a merry merry Christmas as well as to your families!

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that my Family and I loves to be color coded on Christmas or whenever we go out on Sundays. Last year we wear something orange and this year we wore something Purple! It was stated that is the color of the year so we gave in! It’s just that, I for one, struggled hard in looking for a nice purple top or a dress even! My outfit was a last minute and I couldn’t be happier when I saw this in Forever21.

Some people may find color coded lame but for us it’s too cute to be in one! Why not try it with your respective families too?









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Plaid pattern


KEDS sneakers20140119-172853.jpg





@fpcloset Chain Necklace20140119-173027.jpg



Uniqlo Plaid top


Forever21 Studded shorts

Brrrrr! Still feeling it’s Christmas!!! How do you find this cold weather we’re experiencing? Haha! In my opinion, I’d rather have this cool weather than the hot weather we’re going to experience for the next few months! Haha! Agree??

Anyhoo, this would be the second time in a row that my family and I went to Tagaytay this year for the car’s blessing. We heard mass there and pigged out the usual. Hmm, I really have to say and claim (already) that this is going to be a lucky year for us!! (I’m just feeling it lol) As well as to your respective families too! *cross your fingers with me* Uhm, just to break all the mainstream of wearing those baggy cardigans, hoodies and sweatshirts in Tagaytay, I chose to wear a plaid polo that I was forced to buy because there was no stock of Red plaid polo though I have it in short sleeves already. Lol. I just really want to have the one with the long sleeves. Haha! Going back to my outfit, I really felt cold while wearing these! Twas not totally seen in the photos but I was freezing already. No joke. I admit it that I was wrong for not searching on the net on how cold it is still in Tagaytay and for taking the risk of pulling off a simple yet unique outfit! HAHA. But nevertheless, I still like the outcome of this ensemble because it’s another off my comfort zone. But one thing’s for sure, I’ve learned something new today and that is about taking the risk sometimes, makes you create new things and ideas to be able for you to share to others. I hope you like this outfit! Sorry for being MIA sometimes. I am just too busy coz I’m taking my 3 major subjects this term. I hope you don’t mind not squeezing in a blog post every week? 🙂 Tty all soon!! x

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Explore, Exploring, Explored

Today I got to explore Intramuros and Fort Santiago more!! I mean I’ve been there and explored it a little when I was… Wait lemme think hahaha.. still in grade school? I’m not sure tho but it’s been ages since I last visited the said places. If some of you doens’t know what and where it is located.. Intramuros is the oldest district and historic place of Manila, the capital of the Philippines; It’s also known as the Walled City; the original fortified city of Manila was the seat of the Spanish government during the Spanish colonial period. ( courtesy of Yahoo!) Anyway, I am not your Literature teacher so I won’t elaborate on that anymore! Haha.



@littlenook Peephole Top


@littlenook Origami Shorts; Parisian Studded Bag
Parisian Catface Flats

Call it Spring Spiked Cap



@etzyhub Studded Watch
If you are wondering why I went here.. Well twas because I’m bored!!! Haha. Kidding! I accompanied my friend, Paula for her project in school. I guess we were done early that is why while exploring the whole place, we thought of.. you know fitting in some outfit shots! Haha. Hashtag things you do for the love of blogging! Lol. As you can see in the photos, the sun was really striking because we took these around 2 in the afternoon! I couldn’t bare the hotness but the place was too pretty not to take photos with! Right? I suggest that if you have some spare time, visit Intramuros or Fort Santiago and you won’t regret a thing! Pinky promise! wink!

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