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Forever21 Top & Skirt

Forever21 Ring; Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet


Rubi White Flats

MANGO Touch Bag

Wow it’s been a long time! MIA at its finest. But here ya go guys a new outfit post! Stripes on stripes on a Sunday mass with the family. Been having white addiction lately like it looks so classic and would never go out of style. Loved how the bag finished the whole outfit!

(All photos taken by iPhone5 only)

PS: Thinking if I should change my blog into a Photo Blog? What do you think? No descriptions. Only captions of the brand I’m wearing. Any thoughts?


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More Issues Than Vogue

IMG_4152-Penshoppe SnapbackIMG_4154-@gangandglamour White TopIMG_4171- IMG_4193-Forever 21 Highwaist ShortsIMG_4214-@galeytemple “More Issues than Vogue” InsertIMG_4211-@gangandglamour White TopIMG_4194-

Vogue is the world’s number one influential magazine. Withal, My “More Issues Than Vogue” insert from @galeytemple speaks exactly for what I’m (sorta) going through the past weeks. I mean the people bashing me on the social networking sites was not really a big deal for me after all but what I do not understand is that they kept hating on me on Twitter and They were telling me I’m not even famous. I mean, let’s be honest. I’m really not famous so why bash? Haha! Right? Just a thought though. I just do my thing; blogging as a hobby not bragging. If people couldn’t understand what and why I’m doing this well I do not owe them any explanation because this is me. They LITERALLY have More Issues than Vogue magazine hahaha. Lol. Sorry for ranting everyone. I’m just human haha. This is the first and last time I’m going to do this but for now let’s forget about those stuff and be inspired with my paired outfit from @gangandglamour and my shorts I bought from Forever21. A simple and casual outfit for malling!


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After a month of being MIA, here’s a FRESH comeback post to you guys! What I meant about fresh is that a carefree and new kind of ensemble which I guess is appropriate for summer.Peachy2 Peachy3@Infinitefashioon_ Peach jumperskirtPeachy4 Peachy13Aldo Shoesk
Peachy14Peachy8 Peachy9Forever21 Polka midrib

So here’s what I came up with! Paired these two Peachy midrib and jumperskirt and it turned out fine. It’s not an over-do-it-kind of summer outfit but simple yet a stylish one! I love how it looked like a one piece dress that you can also wear not only in a mall or dates but can also be a Sunday dress. Well at least for me!

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The most beautiful time of the year

Colorful as a Rainbow 7Colorful as a Rainbow 1Colorful as a Rainbow

Top from @fpcloset on instagramColorful as a Rainbow 5

Envelope clutch from @fpclosetColorful as a Rainbow 2Colorful as a Rainbow 9Pink skirt from @fpclosetColorful as a Rainbow 4Neon collared necklace from @citylifestylebytrixColorful as a Rainbow 6Well, I can definitely say that it is the most awaited and most wonderful time of the year!!! You are some sort of an alien if you do not know what I mean. haha! I AM TALKING ABOUT CHRISTMAS! Yay! I hope most of you got to have a nice day to start off the month. For all I know, I started December full of school work and activities but I. Am. Not. Going. To. Give. Up because although it’s beginning to be a tough Finals week again, I am just going with the flow coz Christmas break is coming too soon! I know all these hardwork would pay off… well, crossing my fingers now. haha!

So much for my school stuff and rants… Going back to what I wore, you could see that I paired a lot of colours in this whole ensemble. I meant it to be this colorful for me to be able to show you how I really feel Christmas vibes everywhere. Don’t you just love seeing A LOT of people inside the mall having their last minute Christmas shopping? People walking along the streets hurrying to go home immediately and all that? Well, for others they must be irritated seeing those coz it could cause traffic and crowded places but for me, I quite love seeing those scenarios coz that’s where I get giddy feels “wanting” to join the craziness. haha! But seriously though, try observing whenever it’s Christmas shopping inside the mall or anywhere; it is where you can see and really feel the through meaning of Christmas. I meant not the material things though, but the thought of people giving gifts just to make other people feel loved and happy!

Have you finished shopping for your loved ones yet? Tell me more about it. Comment down! x

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Denim x Floral


Am I too late if you see me wearing this kind of ensemble? The most popular look (for me) during summer and I think up to now… The Denim x Floral look everyone! *drumroll* Lol. I dunno what sets me earlier to go for this look. Maybe I haven’t tried this when it was still a trend but I don’t think it would be old news for all. Denim and floral doesn’t go out of style no matter what season we are in! Agree?


Guess Denim TopLandmark Belt


Orange Bag gifted by a friend; Amanda’s Place floral skirt


@anythingwired8 Flower crown

Of course this whole look wouldn’t be complete without wearing my favorite flower crown from @anythingwired8. I always wear this one, can you tell? hahaha. I really think it matches all my look.. whenever, whatever.. lol. But hey I’m serious. It never fails to amaze me when I pair it with my outfit posts.



Finished my look with my new shoes from Parisian… the cat face loafers!! They are my favo now so don’t blame me if I wear them with almost all of my outfit. hahaha. Oh wait, did I mention that this is what I wore in a movie date with my niece, Keannedra? I already watched We Despicable Me 2 yesterday with my friends but because my niece really wanted to watch it with me and she is kind of a spoiled brat.. my sister (her mom) made me her companion in the movie house.. which means it was their treat. haha. OKAY… enough for this long post… bye

PS: Yay for my come back post!!! More ootd tomorrow. I promise to update this often!

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Give Me A Reason



4 If you know the song Just Give Me A Reason by Pink…. you’re cool now! Haha! Kidding! But I am honestly so into it right now. I have already raped the Repeat button because I can’t get enough of it. It has been stuck on my mind since I the first time I’ve heard it. Haha!


Landmark Stripes Dress



But that is not just the reason about the title. This may sound corny but this Rainy season is giving me a reason to dress up like this!

See? I am so corny, what’s new! Haha! But hey, Gotchaa! I love dressing up during rainy season. It doesn’t mean that you are just going to wear your cardigan or jackets and then you’re good to go… No! You can also be stylish by wearing colorful ones then pair it with denim shorts or pants too so you won’t feel cold.



Tomato Studded Bag


Sponsored Studded Watch by @etzyhub


Dickies Black socks; Online Shop Wedges

I even like wearing boots or booties like the one I am wearing on the photos. Okaaay. They aren’t booties… just socks and wedges! HAHA. At least I’ve tried though! Anyway, these Stripes plus Denim combo is making me look like a Rocker chic. I love everything with a hint of Denim… It instantly give an edge to an outfit!

What do you think of my look?


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Denim On Denim


I really don’t have that Trademark thingy when it comes to putting title on my Photo. Just like this one! Haha. I keep on changing it and it kinda annoys me. Yes, kinda. Haha! So if you have some comments and suggestions about putting a trademark on my photo, you might as well comment it below this blog post. Yay!


Online Shop Denim Top

On to my outfit now. I don’t usually wear Denim on Denim clothing but I gave it a try just to see if I could pull it off. What do you think of it guys?


@Trendmanila Gold Necklace

These two denim clothing aren’t in the same color but luckily they look really great on the photos! It was like they were made for each other. Okay. I’m over reacting again. Haha! But seriously, I loved how they went well. I was inspired by Kryz Uy’s blog post on her “Denim on Denim” look as well. I just don’t know if that’s really the title but her version was in Pants.


DIY distressed shorts

While blogging now, I noticed that I look like a scavenger with my whole look. Dont you think? Acid Denim Top plus my DIY distressed shorts… Instant beggar outfit. Haha! Corny jokes agaaaain. But yeah, I paired these two because it kinda make my outfit look like a romper. A denim romper I must say.


Sponsored Black Studded Watch by @Eztyhub

I kept my accessories simple and classy by adding the hints of Gold and Black bracelets and necklace. You can never go wrong with Gold and Black combo, I tell you! That’s why for my Denim on Denim look to stand out more, I wore this chunky Gold necklace to match other accessories as well. This one’s a perfect outfit for chilling and malling with you Friends or maybe with your boyfriend too?


Landmark Cat Eye Sunnies (same as Anne Curtis’. Hihi. LOL)


Gold and Black bracelets from @Trendmanila; “Blogger” wired bracelet from @Ambriels Box

If you want to see a closer look of my Gold and Black armparty, follow me on instagram. @aizelyy. I posted it there! Yaaaay!



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