A blessed 2013, indeed!

1 23Forever21 Sweatshirt47Thrifted Denim overall8Solemate flats

This is what I wore to Tagaytay with my family last Sunday. We went there for our car’s blessing then we pigged out after. It was one hell of a trip; it was so so traffic because of the people having fun with the newly opened sky ranch and people who are all trying to pig out in different restaurants. But going back to what I wore, this is the best ensemble that would fit in Tagaytay’s weather. I know I have worn this denim overall but I just can’t contain myself on repeating it plus it was cool and cozy there and really felt I was in Baguio (or not) haha lol hence the sweatshirt. I have to say that Tagaytay became a better place than the last time we were there.

111318@fpcloset Chain necklace

But seriously speaking though! I really don’t know how to start this blog post but I would just like to take this opportunity while I am actually looking back and reminiscing my past experiences last 2013; I have totally no regrets though there were a lot of ups and downs, it made me tougher and stronger. It made me realized a lot of teachings and lessons from all the things I have encountered. With that said, I have counted all the blessings that came my way instead!! But of course, I don’t have to elaborate on it all but I would just like to thank all of my family, blog sponsors and of course, you, my blog readers! You don’t know how grateful I am with all the things happening with me and my blog as well! Words couldn’t express my legit feelings for you guys! I may not have those thousands of photos’ likes and fans, I may not be famous like those of my fave Top bloggers and all that still I am thankful! You made my 2013 a GREAT GREAT year indeed!! I’d say that this is the best year for me yet! So now, I just have to look forward for a great year this year too!


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