Last but not the “last”

4Topshop Dress2Cotton On Hat12Primadonna Flatforms5@armparty White necklace; @fpcloset Gold necklace689
You’re probably wondering about my blog post title! Well it’s because this isn’t the last outfit for 2013. I have so much backlogs and I haven’t blog ALL about it yet because my family and I kept going out!! 10
But going back to my outfit this is what I am wearing for New Year’s Eve. I believe that this dress with daisy flower prints could pass as an alternative to a polka dotted outfit for New Year? Haha! If you’re lost and does not get what I’m saying I’m actually referring to a “Chinese Tradition” (???) of wearing polka dotted clothes for you to be lucky the whole year!! Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what I know. lol. So instead of joining the mainstream with all that, I’ve thought of wearing an #ootd which is modern about all those traditions of being lucky! Flowers have dots and circles, right? HAHA (let’s push that) lol. I still hope I’d still be blessed for 2014 with this outfit!! But I seriously can’t wait what is in-stored for me for the coming new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Have a blessed year ahead! x


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