Christmas Red

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas guys!! I’ve been wanting to blog my outfit for the day but I left my camera and my laptop so I had no time the whole day. But now, I won’t keep you waiting!Christmas Eve4Christmas Eve1Landmark Top; Cabana Printed ShortsChristmas Eve3@galeytemple Zebra Insert caseChristmas Eve2Christmas Eve8Christmas Eve5ALDO shoes

How do you like my simple yet eye catching look for Christmas Eve? I have this pieces since last year for our “mini Family Reunion” but it got cancelled so I didn’t have the chance to wear it at all. I even forgot about these pieces ’cause I sorta misplaced it inside my closet hahaha. You know that feeling girls!! Right? Then it would just magically appeared, voila! haha. I’m so happy I’ve saved this ensemble because it really screams “Christmas”! A bold red top; lotsa red and prints on my shorts; plus it really made me happy because everyone liked my shorts and my matchy matchy Zebra insert case from @galeytemple! And can I just say that this look was really a comfy one. I got to move a lot more easier and faster coz of my not-so-loose top! Really perfect for Christmas-“kulitan”-Eve with the whole family! I hope you guys are having fun with your loved ones! Merry merry Christmas everyone! Godbless!! x


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