Christmas 2013

I don’t know how would I express how I felt about this year’s Christmas with my whole family. This day was sort of a normal yet fun filled day! It’s sorta normal ’cause we were all tired from last night festivities! We all stayed up late for Christmas Eve haha. But nevertheless, I am way too blessed because I’ve got the chance to celebrate with my whole fam plus my Dad is here with us again! I think that is the highlight of our Christmas! Ho ho ho!Christmas12Christmas14Christmas8Christmas4Topshop Tangerine DressChristmas15Christmas13Christmas11Christmas10ALDO Shoes; Forever21 Tangerine Ring

I so love my dress that I wore today! Except the fact that it is kinda loose to me already. Just a piece of something to share, this dress was really fitting to my bod when I bought it til I got to wear it this Christmas. My bod really is deceiving! Haha. I may look fat in all these photos but trust me…. I’m sorta not 😦 LOL #justranting Anyway, my family and I wore shades and tones of orange…. because I said so! Haha I was the first one who shopped for my Christmas clothes and all that so yeah, I basically FORCED them to buy and wear orange. We aren’t really that traditional nor whatever about wearing same kind of clothes for special occasions, but this year’s and exception coz my Dad is with us again hence the color coding! And…. We’re totally loving it! I hope to encourage or maybe force them again next year!! hahaha. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! xxXmas6Happy Holidays! (my eldest sister not in the photo)


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