Pop of pink

Pop1Pop9Forever21 Top; @fpcloset Chain NecklacePop7Divi Origami Shorts; Forever21 beltPop3Parisian Studded bag; Ichigo FlatsPop10Swatch Watch

Here’s what I wore last Sunday when my Family and I went to the mall. It was just in time when this studded cap from @fpcloset arrived. Yup! Happens to me all the time. It was like it came in the mail just for me to wear it and pair it with my whole look! It was just simple ensemble til I got to wear the cap though. What do you think guys? Haha! Lol but I really felt sexy (whoooahh) while wearing these inside the mall. Everyone was sorta staring at me ’cause I think I wore a bit of a daring outfit? (that rhymed. lol) But that doesn’t stop me from shopping inside though I was quite pissed off with some people haha. I just thought of a brighter side that they loved my outfit instead. Bohooo! We have that “thinking” of dress to impress so I guess those people who kept on staring were impressed? Well, I hope so! I hope you like this simple look. x


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