The most beautiful time of the year

Colorful as a Rainbow 7Colorful as a Rainbow 1Colorful as a Rainbow

Top from @fpcloset on instagramColorful as a Rainbow 5

Envelope clutch from @fpclosetColorful as a Rainbow 2Colorful as a Rainbow 9Pink skirt from @fpclosetColorful as a Rainbow 4Neon collared necklace from @citylifestylebytrixColorful as a Rainbow 6Well, I can definitely say that it is the most awaited and most wonderful time of the year!!! You are some sort of an alien if you do not know what I mean. haha! I AM TALKING ABOUT CHRISTMAS! Yay! I hope most of you got to have a nice day to start off the month. For all I know, I started December full of school work and activities but I. Am. Not. Going. To. Give. Up because although it’s beginning to be a tough Finals week again, I am just going with the flow coz Christmas break is coming too soon! I know all these hardwork would pay off… well, crossing my fingers now. haha!

So much for my school stuff and rants… Going back to what I wore, you could see that I paired a lot of colours in this whole ensemble. I meant it to be this colorful for me to be able to show you how I really feel Christmas vibes everywhere. Don’t you just love seeing A LOT of people inside the mall having their last minute Christmas shopping? People walking along the streets hurrying to go home immediately and all that? Well, for others they must be irritated seeing those coz it could cause traffic and crowded places but for me, I quite love seeing those scenarios coz that’s where I get giddy feels “wanting” to join the craziness. haha! But seriously though, try observing whenever it’s Christmas shopping inside the mall or anywhere; it is where you can see and really feel the through meaning of Christmas. I meant not the material things though, but the thought of people giving gifts just to make other people feel loved and happy!

Have you finished shopping for your loved ones yet? Tell me more about it. Comment down! x


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