Holy Chic

Holy Chic 10Top Divi; @fpcloset Chain necklaceHoly Chic 9Parisian BootiesHoly Chic 5Holy Chic 11H&M Striped Skirt; @etzyhun Studded watchHoly Chic 14Holy Chic 15Holy Chic 13 Holy Chic 7

If there’s one thing I could really advise you guys when it comes to dressing up it is the art of combining pieces that costs too much and the other not or what we call the affordable ones. Just like this long back-top I got from Divi a few months ago! I couldn’t look for a nice pants, shorts or anything to be paired with it. I also thought of not wearing a bottom with this top because it is effortlessly beautiful just the way it is. But because my supportive aunt from States is always so thoughtful, she does not forget of getting me anything that I could blog. lol That’s why this Nude striped skirt was totally in time when I felt like wearing this top from Divi. Plus I love how the tones and shades of brown/nude blended together! They were a match made in heaven! hahah! This is a just a short post for you guys coz I am not too busy with school right now. But our Finals is fast approaching and 2nd term is ending already!!! That means I will be busy in the coming weeks. Wish me good luck! 🙂


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