DIY x Houndstooth

This is a super duper late blog post! The photos are too pretty (well at least for me) that I’ve been saving it for the right time hahaha. Kidding! I haven’t worn this out because I was to hesitant thus I just tried my DIY-ed cross top that I paired with my houndstooth skirt given by @mixmatchshop from Instagram. You can see that my hair here was still long and I kinda missed it….. kinda. haha! I’ll make this blog post short and share my look for the day!

Cross5DIY cross topCross8Cross17Landmark Belt; @mixmatchshop skirt from InstagramCross18Parisian BootiesCross19“LOLA’s” accessories from BazaarCross12Cross11Cross14

Did I mention that I had attended my first day of classes already? If you overlooked my old blog posts, I stated there that I had my 6 months vacay from school. Well, stop there! Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t fail or anything it’s just that after I had my 1st term in Phil. School of Interior design, I took my 3-month break there because we had the option to! And in that break, I had finally decided to shift to another course because I am so drained with so many plates and “team no sleep” peg!! 😦 haha lol. When I decided to shift to La Salle-Benilde (which was my school before PSID.. ya know.. they have this partnership thingy but anyway)…

To make the long story short, I wasn’t able to enroll because 1st term started already! And because La Salle-Benilde is a Trimester school, I had to wait for another 3 months for the 2nd term which is September. So there! My classes started last 2 weeks ago and days are going by too fast! In a week or 2 we’re going to have our midterms already! I KNOW…. THAT FAST! Wish me good luck? 🙂


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