Thrift Shop

” Hey, Macklemore can we go thrift shopping?” Haha lol. How cool would it be if I could have the chance to go thrift shopping with Macklemore? Coolness level 100!!! And what if I was also in their Music Video the “Thrift Shop?” You would see me in hip hop clothes and dancing with Macklemore… hahaha okay enough with those daydreaming thingy! If you do not get what I am saying I’m gonna share you the song “Thrift Shop” which I’ve been LSS with the past couple of days.

“I am stunting and flossing and saving my money and I am halla happy! That’s a bargain, b!…….”

I hope you got to watch the video though! Some lyrics of the song really fits with what I am wearing. Are you wondering yet with all these stuff I am saying? Well it was because the Denim romper I wore today was one of my thrift finds when my friend Paulalyn and I went to a Thrift shop somewhere in Quezon City (I guess) haha.

Thrift8Thrifted Denim Overall
Thrift6Call it Spring Spiked Cap

Thrift4Thrift12Parisian Small Studded BagThrift13@Littlenook Diamond Print Top

Thrift16Parisian Catface Flats


Thrift14Wait, have you overlooked my Denim romper? haha. Believe it or not this one’s thrifted!! I was really eager to buy one since it started popping out all over my timeline on instagram and in the mall. Good thing I love thirft shopping and I am kinda patient looking for what I wanted, hence this romper! You would notice that all the fashion trends in the past are all coming back now. Which are all advantage to us teenagers so that we could experience and try the ones they wore back then, agree? Because in my case, I am loving it all!! I am not complaining though the other “come-back-clothes” are quite hard to find. Lol. But I have this mind set that whatever is coming back, the thrift shop’s got it all for me! hahaha. (tagline ang peg?) LOL.


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