Explore, Exploring, Explored

Today I got to explore Intramuros and Fort Santiago more!! I mean I’ve been there and explored it a little when I was… Wait lemme think hahaha.. still in grade school? I’m not sure tho but it’s been ages since I last visited the said places. If some of you doens’t know what and where it is located.. Intramuros is the oldest district and historic place of Manila, the capital of the Philippines; It’s also known as the Walled City; the original fortified city of Manila was the seat of the Spanish government during the Spanish colonial period. ( courtesy of Yahoo!) Anyway, I am not your Literature teacher so I won’t elaborate on that anymore! Haha.



@littlenook Peephole Top


@littlenook Origami Shorts; Parisian Studded Bag
Parisian Catface Flats

Call it Spring Spiked Cap



@etzyhub Studded Watch
If you are wondering why I went here.. Well twas because I’m bored!!! Haha. Kidding! I accompanied my friend, Paula for her project in school. I guess we were done early that is why while exploring the whole place, we thought of.. you know fitting in some outfit shots! Haha. Hashtag things you do for the love of blogging! Lol. As you can see in the photos, the sun was really striking because we took these around 2 in the afternoon! I couldn’t bare the hotness but the place was too pretty not to take photos with! Right? I suggest that if you have some spare time, visit Intramuros or Fort Santiago and you won’t regret a thing! Pinky promise! wink!


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