Ready, Set, Go!

I honestly felt like the-girl-waving a flag on a race track or a track marshal as others really call it… Wait okay I don’t look like that, with my checkered shorts that I wore, I actually looked like the flag itself! hahaha. Don’t ya think? It because this print is usually seen on race tracks which is use as a flag. A little tidbit though: Checkered flags that are displayed at the start/finish line is to indicate that the race is officially finished! Well, if the car racers sees me in this kind of print.. Huh! I won’t comment anymore haha. lol.Checkered1DIY studded shiny polo from FP ClosetCheckered3Checkered8Checkered9Call It Spring Spiked Cap; @etzyhub Studded Watch

Checkered10“Infinite Fashion” case from @shadesoffashion; Landmark ShortsCheckered7Checkered4@bttmnl Black lita booties

Anyway so much for my flag-like-printed-shorts! I wore this outfit when my friend Paulalyn and my sister Alyssa went to Glorietta to watch a movie which I must say the first day of screening of Percy Jackson. haha. Can I just say that e v e r y o n e was like staring at us because Paulalyn and I were wearing booties inside the mall! We could actually see them and hear them murmuring about our outfits… it was like a crime that we were wearing ’em though which was kinda flattering. Uhm NO! More like annoying than flattering haha. Idk we just laughed it off to ease the annoyance thus we still flaunted and walked like there was a runway inside the mall. Hey! There’s nothing wrong with wearing these as long as you are wearing decent clothes right? haha. For me my get up was decent-enough! It was (kinda) not just appropriate for a movie date (for me) because this ensemble looked like a sporty-chic outfit. Nevertheless, I really loved it! I totally pulled off the Booties though. Yes?



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5 responses to “Ready, Set, Go!

  1. Really love those shorts, they are so cute! Was wondering if you could take a look at my blog if you have time? Thanks 🙂 xxx


  2. Love your outfit! Please take a look and follow my style blog! 🙂


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