Triple that Denim

You’ll noticed that I have worn a lot of denim here on my blog haha. I seriously can’t get enough of them. Like for real! I have worn diff kind of denim since my pre-birthday celebration upto now! hahaha. You know the feeling that every denim that I see in the mall, I couldn’t resist but buy ’em even though I have the same design already… See I’m weird like that! I have told you last time that I love buying clothes with almost the same design or color haha. I should get rid of this habit.. it’s just not practical, right? Can you help me get rid of it, yes? 🙂


Swatch Blue WatchDenim1Landmark Denim Top; Thrifted ShortsDenim6Denim2Parisian Brown BootiesDenim5Denim8Denim7Denim Jacket borrowed from my cousin

Triple that denim was the title of this blog post because you know, while my cousin Sachi were taking these outfit shots last time, she was wearing a denim jacket just as the same as mine but I was too lazy to get it inside the house so I accidentally thought my outfit would have more attitude if I tie her denim jacket on my waist!! Guess what? I LOVED THE OUTFIT EVEN MORE!!! haha. The denim jacket gave an extra oomph to the whole look!! I loved how my brown booties stand out too! I really wore it to match my newly thrifted yeap! thrifted shorts with brown suede patches on the pockets! Whenever I see brown patches I automatically remember Mr. Bean! haha. Agree? Also, it was my first time to try the “tie-something-on-your-waist-look” and I guess I would be trying a lot of it soon!! But for now, I hope you liked my triple denim outfit! To tell you, it wasn’t so heavy wearing ’em all… Just a bit! hahaha kidding.


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