Studded Denim

Happy Sweet 16 to me!! Yay, I hoped you guys had the chance to celebrate it with me. I mean, it would be a lot of fun if I was with all of my friends tho. haha. Hey! I’m not complaining! Good thing my Best Friend, Geena is always on the go so I had the time to spend my birthday with her! Plus, she was my photographer for a day!!! Anyhoo, giving you a quick tour of the place where I had my simple birthday lunch!

Birthday21Birthday10Birthday14 Birthday18I chose this place because the interiors are so young, lovely and dainty!! I turned nineteen last July 29,2013 and I do not want to feel that I am really old already, hence the place! hahaha. Well, Stacy’s won for letting me feel like a child again.. even for a little while! lol proof that I don’t want to be nineteen!! Can I be 16 FOREVER?

What I find cute with Stacy’s, was they served costumers/us some complementary popcorn to munch on so we wouldn’t be annoyed and bored while waiting for the food! Way to go Stacy’s lol. For the record, the food was good. I mean.. you know, just the typical food you’ll find everywhere. Not those kind with different taste of “something” haha can’t really explain it though. But twas kinda.. sorta.. tasty! hahaha. Well plus points because the rice was so cute!!! Heart shape, even!


Complimentary Popcorn

FoodHooray for the simple yet sorta yummy food! lol. Let’s now criticized what I wore. Oh please, don’t! hahaha. I’m such a weirdo 😦

Birthday7Birthday5Forever21 sandals; @etzyhub Brown Studded Watch

Birthday8SM accessories Braided Brown Belt

Birthday6Forever21 Dress

Birthday9Birthday24 Birthday23Birthday23Aichelyyy


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