How To Style: Denim Top


Well if I am to change the title of this blog post I would definitely name it “Kathryn Peg” hahaha lol. I am not a fan of Kathryn but a KathNiel. haha okay why am I even talking about this? Am I lame now? Kidding. But yeah, I was honestly inspired with Kathryn’s outfit in their teleserye trailer “Got to Believe”. Nothing more nothing less. And oh, here’s another post on my blog section, “How to Style”. It was formerly How to Wear but I find it awk. lol anyway..


OnlineShop Denim top; Thrifted Maxi skirt


Forever21 Leopard Sandals

K7Forever21 Leopard Earrings


I know maxi skirts aren’t my thing but this one’s too pretty not to be paired with my “not-so-abused-denim-top” lol. The manang side of me has been revealed! hahaha. I’ve been inlove with this kind of skirts since then but I don’t have the guts to buy and wear them because my sisters always tease me that I look like a “manang” with it. Good thing my friends and I found this skirt in a thrift shop somewhere in Taft so I grabbed it though I think it really doesn’t suit me. haha. Just a fact: Any long dresses or skirts doesn’t suit me 😦 It’s because I am small. But wait, does maxi skirts tend to make girls look taller?? But with me… I just don’t know. lol haha. Also, earrings aren’t my thing as well but because it’s in my fave print I bought it. Plus it matches my leopard sandals so that would do justice! hihi. Kidding aside, I hope you got an idea with what’s to pair with your denim top! Stay tuned on ze part 2 of styling this top!

PS: Apparently, it makes me sad that only some joined my Blog Giveaway 😦 Maybe I just expected so much hahaha. My bad, I’m sorry. But I am still hoping that more would join! I am not forcing tho, I just want everyone to be happy hihi. Anyhoo, mechanics are posted here: Blog Birthday GivewayHoping to see you entry there? Yes? x



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