Birthday Giveaway: Infinite Fashion x Awesomefindsss

Finally posting a Blog Giveaway!! Not only for my blog but because it’s my birthday month, my ever loving blog sponsor @Awesomefindsss and I is throwing a blog birthday giveaway for you guys!! How cool is that? I am so happy and grateful that she decided to have a collaboration me with again. Yay for that!! I know you are excited as I am because this is a First! And all the firsts are exciting, agree? *well I’m crossing my fingers* So I won’t keep you waiting. Want to see the exciting prizes that awaits you?



Awesome pieces right? I know everyone knows how abundant and popular muscle tees are! Specifically with a Jack Daniel print on it. Also, I’ve been seeing a lot of loose tops online but this top with a “Fresh” printed on it is kinda unique of all.  So why buy in online shop if you could win it here on Infinite Fashion Awesomefindsss giveaway? #shameless hihi.


How to join and win in a collaboration with Infinite Fashion Awesomefindsss?

1. Follow @aizelyy on Twitter.

2. Follow @aizelyy and @awesomefindsss on Instagram.

3. Follow my blog:

4.  REPOST this photo with the caption  “I want to win amazing prices! Infinite Fashion x Awesomefindsss”. Don’t forget the hashtag #AizelyBirthdayBlogGiveaway. Make your Instagram accounts public so I could comment your Entry Number.

5. Tweet and make this you Facebook status: “I want to win amazing prices! Infinite Fashion x Awesomefindsss” Just don’t forget to TAG me on Twitter (@aizelyy) and put the hashtag #AizelyBirthdayBlogGiveaway. (No need to tag me on Facebook) Make sure to check your spellings!

You are good if you finished doing all of those! But if you really want to win and have an additional of 3 entries comment these below:

1. Your full name and email address

2. Link of your tweet with Hashtag #AizelyBirthdayBlogGiveaway

Entries for this Birthday Blog Giveaway is until August 1, 2013 (Thursday)


PS: And because I am a feeler, if ever you’ll win these, you could either choose to Meet me or ship it to you. hahaha 😦 #feeler. Kidding aside, how I wish all of you could win! With that, I could show how thankful I am for you my beloved readers! But don’t worry this would not be the last….. More to come! (hoping)



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