New experience!


Just try to look at my face above. I was that happy when my mind was set that my friends and I would go to Milky & Sunny. But it turned out we didn’t! Instead.. We tried Alex III! It was my first time there!… Okay that was the New experience I am talking about my title. I mean.. A new food experience! haha. My friend came late so we had to go to a nearer place. Alex III is located in Wilson if I am not mistaken. Can I just say that all the food were delish!! We ordered different types of bbq chicken because that was their best seller! To make it short.. All of it were tasty and yummy!! Must try!! I am not being biased here just because I super love fried chicken… lol

6G3GLandmark Belt; @etzyhub Black studded watch


@classiqueapparel shades; H & M ribbon earring

8GLandmark Top and Neon Pants


Tomato Studded Bag; Parisian Flats

I was in awe when I saw that Gray and Neon would looked well together.. Well at least for me. It’s because my top is in neutral color that is why I did not hesitate to pair it with my neon pants. I just added a ribbon earring and black belt with gold accents for my outfit not to be so simple and boring! You don’t usually see me wearing earrings here on my blog but this H & M earring that my aunt sent me was an exception! Though fancy accessories irritates my ear, I still gave it a try!

What do you think of this look? I would love to hear from you! x


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