How To Style: Muscle Tees

I’ve been wanting to post something that goes “How To Style” section here on my blog. I have drafted 2 old post before and I wasn’t able to published it because of some petty reasons haha. I don’t want to elaborate on that anymore but it’s been months (I swear) since I shoot those outfit photos. Plus it’s kind of a long post though so maybe one of these days, I am going to post it! So stay tuned!

Anyway so much for my draft posts! Here’s to an exciting blog now coz I finally did it again! and good news, I’m going to publish it! haha. Here it is! The “How To Wear” section!! What I have worn now is a Muscle tee which is (I know) very familiar to you guys. Right? So here’s how I styled it. This is just ze Part one… so most probably there’s a Part 2. loller. haha. I won’t keep you waiting….


@mixmatchshop_ YSL Muscle Tee

I finally got to wear this YSL muscle tee that @mixmatchshop sent me a month ago! Good thing it’s in white because I already have the black version of this if you could remember me blogged about it a few months back. I styled the black on with camo shorts and now paired this white one with aztec print leggings! I did not have a hard time choosing which ones to pair with it coz it’s white and you can never ever go wrong it (yep I am paulit ulit like that) hahaha lol.12A 13A

Little Nook Aztec Print Leggings


I am honestly not into leggings but because it is in my fave color and print, I bought it and gave it a try! I was a bit shocked because I kinda pulled it off (???) and it really gave my simple muscle tee an oomph! Maybe it is because of the bold prints of the leggings, I must say. So yeah, I’m so sorry for the photo flooding it’s just that it is my first time to do this kind of shoot……. I loved it! What do you think guys? Wait til you see my Part 2 of “How To Wear”. Wait fot it, yes?!! x


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