Finally I got to wore a black and white ensemble again. It is such a classic ensemble that I wore it when my Family and I went to SM Aura Premier yesterday. The name of the mall sounds so elegant already as well as the mall itself and can I just say that it was such a hit when it opened a few weeks ago? People went gaga all over the big branch of Uniqlo, Forever21 and the like. But other stores are still closed and might opened after a few months. Lol. So I won’t keep you waiting guys! Read on to know more about my outfit.21


Bubbles Tassle Necklace

8Forever 21 Top; Next Jeans Shorts


You’d wonder why would I dress up this much inside the mall? Lol. It isn’t about the look but about the comfort. It’s a newly opened mall and I’ve been there already so I knew how cold it is inside. And this black top with lace details is so perfect because it isn’t too thick and the lace details are too “huggy” (i mean you know, if there’s such a word. haha) so I didn’t feel cold at all. Also, I didn’t accessorize that much because my top is a statement of its own already. I love tops like this! lol. haha. I would probably wear this again because it’s so pretty not to! Right? It’s like a DAY to NIGHT outfit. Malling for day and a night out chilling with your girl friends! What do you think about it guys?


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