The Pedestrian Shot





Tomato Studded Bag




Etzyhub Black Studded Watch





Landmark Top and Necklace


This would be my fave shots to date! I’ve been wanting to have a shoot on the pedestrian and pretend that I really am walking! lol. But seriously, I was walking here just to get the right thing and appropriate poses for a Pedestrian shot. This wouldn’t be possible if my co-blogger, Pauline wasn’t around. It’s like a sudden idea when we saw a lot of pedestrian lane. We were just talking that we really wanted our outfit photos to be taken there and the next thing we know, we are already posing! hahaha.

Anyway, I stated on my last post that I’ll be having a part 2 of my BU5 experience and here it is. Will bombard you photos of me and the Top bloggers I have met last time:

TOP (left to right) I am with: Verniece Enciso; Cheyser Pedragosa; Lissa Kahayon


BOTTOM (left to right) David Guison; (forgot the name huhu); Dani Barretto & Mikyle Quizon

The Enciso Sisters ❤

These are just some guys! If you want photos of the Event visit my friend’s blog: ❤


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