Give Me A Reason



4 If you know the song Just Give Me A Reason by Pink…. you’re cool now! Haha! Kidding! But I am honestly so into it right now. I have already raped the Repeat button because I can’t get enough of it. It has been stuck on my mind since I the first time I’ve heard it. Haha!


Landmark Stripes Dress



But that is not just the reason about the title. This may sound corny but this Rainy season is giving me a reason to dress up like this!

See? I am so corny, what’s new! Haha! But hey, Gotchaa! I love dressing up during rainy season. It doesn’t mean that you are just going to wear your cardigan or jackets and then you’re good to go… No! You can also be stylish by wearing colorful ones then pair it with denim shorts or pants too so you won’t feel cold.



Tomato Studded Bag


Sponsored Studded Watch by @etzyhub


Dickies Black socks; Online Shop Wedges

I even like wearing boots or booties like the one I am wearing on the photos. Okaaay. They aren’t booties… just socks and wedges! HAHA. At least I’ve tried though! Anyway, these Stripes plus Denim combo is making me look like a Rocker chic. I love everything with a hint of Denim… It instantly give an edge to an outfit!

What do you think of my look?



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