Parisian Chic


Imagine me walking along the streets of Paris in these outfit with a trenched coat maybe together with a black scarf. AHHHH. I can imagine me and a “special someone” (lol how i wish) walking with me on our way to the Eiffel Tower. Yay!

Just imagine how pretty the street lights are, people taking photos and a lot more. Oh wait, can I just go to Paris… like NOW? Please? Haha! I keep imagining myself travelling. Well that’s just some of what I wanted to do when I grow up. I mean you know, when I am stable already. Lol. I still have to wait! That’s way too far.


MANGO Belt; FOREVER21 Shorts

Going back to my outfit. Seeing these ankle booties that I got last Wednesday made me think that I am like those girls in Paris. Why? Ladies in Paris tend to wear this kind of shoes or maybe those High cut booties instead because that’s how they find themselves unique and of course, these are not just stylish and chic but it’s also some sort of protection for them whenever it’s winter.




The only thing was lacking in my look was those Parisian Blonde hair and those big curls they got! Oh men, how I wish I have ’em too!


Sponsored Skull Bangles from @easyfinds (left) ; @awesomefindsss (right)


Sponsored Necklace from @citylifestylebytrix

Seriously speaking, I made this Neon necklace as an inspiration for my Parisian Chic Look. When @citylifestylebytrix sent me this necklace, I was totally inlove with it because it is so me!! Then I told myself, why not gave it a try? So I grabbed my New booties… thought that orange would blend so well with the color Tan or brown… Mixed and matched everything… Voila! Chic outfit!


What I love about this outfit is that you can not only wear it in Paris (lol this is too simple but would be very nice if paired with a trenched coat and a scarf) but yeah… You can also wear it here in the Phil. because the colors are sorta Neutral and it really is appropriate for the weather here.

Lastly, the back color of my top and my shorts are almost the same so the neutral color of my top in the front really popped and that made my outfit more unique and chic! Don’t you think?

Tell me about your thoughts in this outfit.



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