Over Dressed


Okay so the title says it all! I was kind of over dressed in the party I attended to and I was so ashamed after I see all the girls that are just wearing simple outfits like Muscle tees, Tank Tops and dresses.

I am not bragging about my outfit though so don’t get me wrong. For my opinion I was sort of over dress which was not good. I “feel’ (just a feeling) like everyone was looking at me that’s why I couldn’t go to the comfort room or get a food properly. Good thing I have my gorgeous friends with so my shyness went off a little.


So enough for my issues. Lesson learned. But you can’t blame me because the themed was a Pool party so I wore this White Off Shoulder top that @xoxosupply sent me weeks ago before the party. So I thought of wearing it but to my surprise…. Okay not again. Hahaha!


I also wore my New Ombre shorts I bought online to broke the Neutral-“ness” of my top (lol if there’s such a word) and just to be more appropriate because a Pool party = colorful.


Sponsored Top by @xoxosupply


Sponsored Flower Crown from @anythingwired8

Until now I am still thinking I should’ve wore a simple tank top instead so I didn’t feel shameful for the whole time. Haha! But seriously, the real outfit that was on my mind was a floral dress but I know many would wear that so I stick with this…….. Wait I’ll name it.. My shameful outfit. Lol.





Shoes same as Anne Curtis’ haha LOL.

Even if I thought I was over dressed, it was a good thing that I didn’t wore any accessories to match the whole look because if I do…. uh-ohh. But yeah, I wanted the attention to be on my top.

If you are wearing this kind of Tops don’t wear any accessories just to let people see how pretty your outfit. An eye catching shorts or pants would do already! And of course a nice pair of flats.


And yes I love my flower crown so much because it was like meant for every outfit I wear. But still, even though it suits the whole outfit, I didn’t have the guts to wear it in party coz when the party started the debutante was also wearing one. So just imagine my face guys…. Yeah. Hahahaha. But I apologize to her about my outfit and stuff and she was joking and greeting me a Happy Birthday instead of me greeting her. Funny right? It was no big deal for her but for me…. it was.. sort of. Hehe.


PS: I have so much outfits to show to you guys. Can’t wait to blog about ’em!! Yaaay! Keep reading!







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