Denim On Denim


I really don’t have that Trademark thingy when it comes to putting title on my Photo. Just like this one! Haha. I keep on changing it and it kinda annoys me. Yes, kinda. Haha! So if you have some comments and suggestions about putting a trademark on my photo, you might as well comment it below this blog post. Yay!


Online Shop Denim Top

On to my outfit now. I don’t usually wear Denim on Denim clothing but I gave it a try just to see if I could pull it off. What do you think of it guys?


@Trendmanila Gold Necklace

These two denim clothing aren’t in the same color but luckily they look really great on the photos! It was like they were made for each other. Okay. I’m over reacting again. Haha! But seriously, I loved how they went well. I was inspired by Kryz Uy’s blog post on her “Denim on Denim” look as well. I just don’t know if that’s really the title but her version was in Pants.


DIY distressed shorts

While blogging now, I noticed that I look like a scavenger with my whole look. Dont you think? Acid Denim Top plus my DIY distressed shorts… Instant beggar outfit. Haha! Corny jokes agaaaain. But yeah, I paired these two because it kinda make my outfit look like a romper. A denim romper I must say.


Sponsored Black Studded Watch by @Eztyhub

I kept my accessories simple and classy by adding the hints of Gold and Black bracelets and necklace. You can never go wrong with Gold and Black combo, I tell you! That’s why for my Denim on Denim look to stand out more, I wore this chunky Gold necklace to match other accessories as well. This one’s a perfect outfit for chilling and malling with you Friends or maybe with your boyfriend too?


Landmark Cat Eye Sunnies (same as Anne Curtis’. Hihi. LOL)


Gold and Black bracelets from @Trendmanila; “Blogger” wired bracelet from @Ambriels Box

If you want to see a closer look of my Gold and Black armparty, follow me on instagram. @aizelyy. I posted it there! Yaaaay!




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2 responses to “Denim On Denim

  1. “You can never go wrong with Gold and Black combo, I tell you!” Yes, ma’am 🙂 You are doing absolutely good. And you keep getting better 🙂 Oh, incomparable. Blog more. And keep ’em burning hot! :)) hashtag fierce 😉


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