Here I go again with my DIY Cross Cropped Top! It is sort of a sheer piece of clothing that’s why it was really perfect for my Fambam malling earlier. I wore an inner bandeau for my under wear not to be seen. Just so you know!



It’s a sheer top.. YES! But it’s not like those sheer tops with a rough clothing. Okay, I cant explain it properly but this one’s a cotton piece of clothing so you don’t have to worry if its too hot because it would absorb your sweat though?



DIY Studded shorts

Is this really appropriate for malling? For me it’s a yes! It’s not too revealing. Believe me. My shorts are a Highwaisted one, it’s just that, I lifted my arm in the other photos that’s why my tummy showed up. Haha!


Wore a simple black and white outfit because I was in a hurry earlier. I dressed up when everybody was finished already so I grabbed the ones I know that suits together. Yay or Nay?



Sponsored Beaded Cat Ears headband from @anythingwired8


I think this Beaded Cat Ears headband matched the whole outfit because my shorts has it’s silver cross studs so it kinda compliment the whole look. Just so you know, I’ve worn this headband inside the mall and everyone was like… staring at me for a second and I just smiled back at them. Well, maybe for them I look stupid with it but for me.. It’s FASHION. Haha! I knooooow right :p



Left: Black Bracelet from @easyfinds; Right: Studded Watch from @etzyhub

How do you like my HD photos? I tried using my SLR for these. I know these ones are better than using my iPad for my outfit photos. But I find it a hassle in uploading because I need to sync it on my laptop and it’s very time consuming but whatever, I love blogging and I want to be better in this.

Tell me your thoughts?




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