Tag A Trend x Tripanista


You are wondering what it is I am going to blog about now. Yeah I know.. Both of these starts with a “T” but that’s just not the similarities of these two. You want me to spill it now? Okay, okay here it is!


I was featured in both of these sites and I’m considering these as one of my achievements already. You can say that it is somehow a shallow reason for me to be so happy and grateful about these but mind you, even if you only sign up and send your photos here, it is still a risk for you to be featured on it coz a lot of people are sending their entries! And I am just too lucky to be a part of it.

Here’s my entry for Tag A Trend

Well simple things like these makes me happy already. I was like on a cloud nine when I saw 2 of my photos at the home page of Tag A Trend for like 2 or 3 days straight. Yaaaay! You could’ve just imagine my face whenever I visit Tag A Trend (!!!!!)


PLUS!! I am so touched because my Blog sponsor was so “proud” that their masterpiece was featured. I am talking about the Flower Crown they sent me just before my Vacay with my family.


So about Tripanista, my Second Blog Feature, I was shocked earlier because by the time I woke up, they emailed and tweeted me that they have featured me already!!!! My morning was indeed complete immediately.

Here’s my entry for Tripanista

I didn’t blog about this look here so if you want to see the whole outfit and the beautiful place I’ve been to, Visit Tripanista.com! I tweaked my blog a lil last night and I was able to put the Badge of Tripanista here on my blog. Look for it at the Lower left side corner! Yaaaaay!

PS: Going to blog about a New Look right after this post. Stay tuned!!



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