Pico de Loro



I love how this shot was taken by Me and it seems like it was taken by a legit photographer. No? Okay. Hahaha. I was just kidding! So yeah, this isn’t the beach yet. This was just the Lagoon.

Sponsored Flower Crown by @anythingwired8

I’m so excited to blog about how pretty the place was but first of, here’s a photo of me resting with a flower crown on my head. I know you’ll laugh at me because why am I even wearing it? The answer is… It is so so so perfect for summer and it would instantly match ANY of your outfit whenever you’re on the beach. At least there, No one would really care coz it’s screams S U M M E R.

My cousin Sachi.

These photos we’re taken at Pico de Loro Beach Club. If my cousin and I are already pretty to look at, wait til you see the place in 3….2……1.


Okay so kidding aside, the place is really gorge!!! I haven’t taken photos of all the place there and amenities because I was busing taking photos of myself. Haha. Self fact. Lol. But yeah, if I am not mistaken, there are 6 or 7 building in Pico de Loro with different kinds of amenities inside. 4 of them are condominiums and a hotel for people to stay in!

I am not good at criticizing a place but I loved their interiors!! Every building has it’s own unique touch. And in this building, I liked how the ceiling was so High that even it’s quite small, you wouldn’t notice it because of the High Ceiling. That’s a magic a ceiling can do guys!


Here’s the outside view of Pico de Loro Beach Club. They have so many infinity pools outside but this was the only photo I took. It has a Massage? pool, 2 Infinity pool, Kiddie pool and all the pool, just name it! Hahaha. Sorry I don’t know how to call it. Lol.


JUST……. WOW! A top view of the Lagoon and some of the building.


Lots of Trees around in the place!! Can I just say that Pico de Loro is located on top of a Mountain? Wait, I really don’t know if that’s legit but with the kind of Travel we did here… I really think it’s on Top of a Mountain. Haha.


Last but not the least, this was my View while having our Breakfast buffet! So clean, fresh, and peaceful!!!!! I took this photo on our last day. So wait for my Next post about my last summer outfit in Pico de Loro. Will blog about it tonight!!!!!!! x


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