Neon Dream x Pico de Loro


Entitled this post a “Neon Dream” because I am planning to send these outfit photos at Tag a Trend. Just so you know, my Slice Me outfit was featured last week for their Totes Amaze Trend. (Will blog about it tomorrow)

I was shocked and at the same time very lucky to know that their Week’s New trend is all about Neon. And you know how much I love neon right? So when we went out on a Vacay, I made sure I have with me my Own Summer Essentials….. Neon things!


I wore Neon on Neon on the beach. Okay that was just too many “ON” haha. But yeah, my swim suit was in Leopard print with a hint of Neon and my Cover up was Neon as well. I find it cool though and I think it suits together and didn’t clashed at all.




Edited this photo because I want you guys to see the real Neon color of my cover up. You’ll see the real photo here…


As much as I want to upload all the photos… I know you’ll get tired looking at them because I have a…. LOT. Hihi.


Mind you, we weren’t complete yet on these photos! Haha. We really are a BIG family. Literally. Joke.


Ending this post with a photo with our Good Family Friend, “Boss Ramil” who accompanied and toured us in Pico de Loro. He isn’t reading my blog (I guess) but I would just like to thank him for being so kind and generous! Haha.

PS: One last blog post guys!! I know you’re all sick of our Vacay photos! Hahaha. Love you guys!!



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